100 word challenge!

How could something so tiny be worth so much. Diamonds are so tiny but they are worth so much and to be able to find them you need to do a lot of work. Diamonds are a rock when you find them and you need to do lots of work to get them to the form you want them to be. They are blue, shiny and magical. You can have them on rings and ear rings and used for lots of different things. Everyone wants them because they are very valuable and worth a lot. Lots of rich people have them. They are awesome!

100 word challenge

One night a funny hamster called Hanna decided to go for a night time adventure. She twisted and turned the top of the cage until she was finally free. She jumped onto the soft carpet and ran underneath the sofa. Hanna saw where the door was open so she ran towards it. It was a long and tiring journey up the stairs. At least she made it up. The next mission was to find a warm place to sleep. Luckily she found a nice warm slipper to sleep in. How could an animal so small manage to go so far.




how can something so tiny?

The capacity of drives have grown exponentially over time. When hard drive become available for personal computer’s, they offered 5 megabytes capacity. During mid-1990s the typical hard disk drive for PC had a capacity of about 1 gigabyte. As of December 2014, desktop hart disk drives typically had captivity from 500 to 400 gigabytes, while the largest captivity where 8 terabytes. How can something so small hols so much data. Along time ago storage devise’s are huge now there more storage is such small drives. Over the years storage devise’s have got smaller witch people think is imposable witch isn’t witch is surprising for me anyway.

100 word challenge

How could something so cute be really violent and be put to sleep if a pit ball was caught fighting or being violent. But if you raised them properly they wouldn’t be violent if raised from a puppy. If you have ever seen  RSPCA animal rescue then you would see how truly violent they are if not raised from a puppy. If a police man saw your dog fighting or being violent you would be taken to court, if you were found guilty for dog fighting you would be put in jail its illegal. Call the police if spotted directly.

How could something so small create such a big shadow?

It was Sunday afternoon,  and I was eating my lunch until I saw something in the shadows. What was it? I thought. It was defiantly something small because the shadow was about 7cm long. At first I was worried. This was because this was my new house and I’d never been there before. My mum and Dad were at work.

After 10 minutes the shadow still hadn’t disappeared. I began to get really worried. I decided to investigate what it was. As I went closer, I saw a gleaming light. It was a diamond! I thought ‘how could a diamond create a big shadow?’.

How can a alarm clock be so loud.

How can a alarm clock make so much noise. If you maybe have a late night the night before  you will fall straight to sleep and you might sleep through your alarm clock if its it’s not loud enough. so if its it’s loud you can get up early for work or school.I know some alarm clocks can be really noisy and some can be really quiet.when there really loud they can be so annoying. And when there quiet they can also be annoying because you cant here it so your late for work or school. It is extremely difficult to make sure i’m up on time.

………………………………….how could something so tiny……………………………………………………………………..

How could something so tiny effect the planet? That’s the question! Every start of a motor effects the future of our population. Each microscopic particle of pollution, dust and smoke can effect our well being.

No smoking! People should remember that rule of life because if we don’t , even the tiniest particle can destroy our body’s health or even the health of animals. This is the lesson we need to learn. Saving our planet means saving our future.

So together as one we can save the planet once and for all.

thanks for listening to my blog!

by kaden Hamerston  


”How could something so tiny cause so much interest ?” thought Emily.

Emily’s dad worked at a café on berry lane. The small money he earned, he used to buy a shovel. Every day, he walked Emily to school then walked to a near field. He usually found a few nails, but today he found …Diamonds!!! He ran home, grabbed a pot, and searched for more diamonds. He found loads of them!!! As soon as he got home he put them in an auction. He got £8,000,000 for them. He was delighted. They both had great life’s and were never poor again!



In his house eating toast, Billy thought it would be an ordinary day…. but it wouldn’t. Later that day Billy went to play football for his AMAZING team. He was wearing his lucky number 9 and his special Nike boots. Billy scored 5 goals and one was an overhead kick which was incredible. One of his shots didn’t go so well because… no one knows. After the match finished he went home and got a shovel to see what made him scuff it. he He went down there and the problem was a diamond. Two days later he was a millionaire and was famous.

how could something so small be so violent

It was just a normal school day except… It wasn’t. This particular day was kitten and cookie day. A day were peace flowed through the air. Children brought in their cute kittens and their delicious cookies yum. But for one boy today was a horrible day. He had to bring in his….. PUPPY! For you who don’t know what happens when you cross kittens with puppies it equals a.. well it equals a mess. A big. Fluffy. Furry. mess. Now I bet you are thinking how could something so tiny make such a big mess. well tiny things are evil.


How to play minecraft !!! How can something so tiny but worth so much.100 word challenge!!!`

As soon as you spawn you will spawn in 32 different biomes. It might be  a desert biome or a dark oak biome, maybe it will be a jungle and a tone more. You cane find jems , diamond, gold,ruby, and you can  so on minecraft a peace of meat is like 5 golden nuggets. it sounds like a rip off but you could die by starvashon in 20 mins in real life but the meat is cooked  so you you have about  4 hunger bars. the best food is chicken because its from a small chicken its a helpful but easy to find them.

Teddy bear conversation

“Why are you so fluffy?” cried Timmy waving his arms in frustration.
Silence fell between the friends…
“I don’t know!” shrieked Charlie as he bundeled up on the back of the chair.
“Goodbye” bellowed Timmy as he stormed off.
“No don’t leave me in the dark on my own!” cried Charlie…

One scary night…

One night I was playing on my Xbox one when I heard a knock at the door. I went down stairs and when I opened the door no one and nothing was there. I went back to my room again and the screen on the TV  was smashed, what could have done this I thought in my head. I called mum on the phone to tell her that I need a new TV, no one answered it. I thought she made the phone die by playing on logo guess. I eventually  fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and I thought it was morning, and it was Sunday so I always feel tired on a Sunday when I wake up. Not even knowing it was 22 past 1 in I went down stairs and turned on the TV but it wouldn’t work so I went into the cupboard to get some cereal. But when I went to tip the cereal out of the box nothing came out I went to peek in the box. No cereal was left so I went to get washed and dressed but when I turned the tap on no water ever so I just got dressed and got the keys. I also got a piece of paper to tell my mum I was going to get cereal I opened the door when I noticed no one was out. I just guessed because the sky was real dark and there was going to be a thunder storm so everyone wanted to stay safe from rain. I got to the shop when I noticed the shop was closed, so I got really angry from having to walk nearly  a mile just to find the shop closed. But then I saw their clock and it said 02:13am so I then cried for about 5 minutes about waking up and walking to the shop at 1am to get cereal for my breakfast. I eventually I decided to get up and go home to sleep. 4 Hours later I woke up in my bed again but this time something happened…