The bear and the hare!

The bear and the hare trotted through the the frosted leafs that sat on the path in the forest. Two friends hugged together without a care in the world. The forest path was as white as clouds that are in the air. As the bear looked up, a little snowflake fell on the bears nose. The bear remembered about his hibernation and then the hares ears fell backwards with sadness.

The hare took the bear for some Christmas decorating with the other animals. The bear was so tired so he went off passing the wooden log that layed across the river. The other animals, that where selfish, opened their presents with joy. Whilst the hare just looked at everyone.

The bear started his hibernation, and the hare started feeling un-loved and abandoned. The bear was still in his hibernation, hours became days, days became weeks as the bear slept dreaming of the day he’d wake up.

The hare jumped up on the log to the bear, so that he could give him his gift. Hoping that he would wake up for Christmas, he put the gift down on the snow so that the bear could open it.

The hare looked at everyone with his ears falling back, as they opened the special gifts that they got from their friends. The hare’s ears lifted up with joy seeing the bear with a big smile on his face.

They all gathered round the bear and the hare jumped up onto the bear’s back. Everybody had fun with Christmas and their presents. Everybody ran around with their friends round the Christmas tree and played especially the hare as the clock was ticking.

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hi i am amazing and awsome and the best and fav animal is flamingo and did you know when flamingos are born and when they eat salmon they turn pink (awesome isn't it )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “The bear and the hare!

  1. Well done Laura you have produced a really well structured piece of writing! I really like the phrase, “hours became days, days became weeks”. It describes the passing of time superbly. Can you re-read and look for places where an apostrophe or comma would help improve your work?

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