The bear and the hare !

Trees whispered to each other whilst the hare rode on the bear’s back. It was the last day of Autumn, some lucky trees still had leaves to keep them warm. Delicately, a light snowflake fell on the bear’s nose causing him to yawn and want to hibernate. The hare slid off the bear’s back onto the ground.

Whilst the hare jumped around on  the soft white snow, the bare started to get tired. Everyone was decorating the Christmas tree. The snow was getting thicker and thicker.

Abandoned, lonely and upset the hare watched the hare go Into hibernation. Ears back, eyes watering Hare was trying not to cry. She really wanted bear to come back but she knew he wouldn’t.

As days passed, icicles had grown, snow had become thicker and winter had become colder. The bear dreamed of the beautiful day he would wake up and see hare again.

At last Christmas Eve had arrived, the time when sleigh bells ring and Santa comes! The hare quickly ran to deliver a present to the bear. She was still hoping bear would wake up for Christmas.

Hare was watching everyone open their presents while she was sat alone with no presents, thinking about bear. Suddenly Baer walked into the horizon and saw Christmas for the first time. Ears up, eyes twinkling and face lit up, she had gotten her Christmas wish.

In the glistening sunshine hare jumped onto bear’s back, where she belonged. This is how you should spend Christmas. The present Hare had given bear was an alarm clock so he would never miss Christmas again.

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