Deep in the sunny jungle there were two happy friends wondering in the wood. while the happy sun danced around them, not a single cloud to be seen.

Suddenly, a little snow flake fell on the bears nose as gently as a fether. Then he yawned as loud as he could getting ready for hibernation.

When the bear reached on top of the mountain he saw everyone getting ready for Christmas. Sadness filled his heart and he marched away alone. Whilst the hare was jumping around everywhere and having fun.

As the bear slowly wondered away the hare turned around and felt really sorry for the bear he wondered what she had done wrong.

Day after day week after week the bear slept and slept in his lonely dark cave, While the hare sat there waiting for him. The bear liked being lonely and did not  want to be with people.

The rabbit ran as fast as she could. to deliver the present for Christmas day. She put the present next to him inside his scary gloomy dark cave.

The day finally came. Everyone was happy and joyful but hares ears were down and she sat alone looking at everyone open there amazing gifts  and waiting for the bear to come

Suddenly on the horizon the bear saw the magical lights , his eyes turned as big as  saucers the hares face lit up with joy the friends had returned.

in the glistening sun, the bear went down to meet all of his new friends, finally the hare jumped on the bears back and Christmas  could begin.

give someone a Christmas hat they have never has  before. 

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