the time in the creepy jungle!

One day in the jungle me and Kaden were playing man hunt , I hid behind a tree and that was the moment I found the hidden temple not just any temple a jungle temple. I walked towards it when I saw a light, a warm homey light,  it got closer! So I shouted Kaden and he came and said found you, I told him I saw a old temple but he didn’t believe me. So I took him to the place where I found the temple, it had vanished into thin air. But all of a sudden a strange noise appeared and the sky changed to night leafs turned to nothing it was a curse. Air went cold mist turned wet fog went everywhere. Suddenly the temple returned but it looked like we were moving away from it, so Kaden excitedly said lets go and find it. He was anchious to look for it, it was night time though so we made a fire of wood and found a nice cave we made sure nothing lived inside. The next morning it was a bit cold but we had coats with us still and then I fell onto a piece of stone when Kaden saw the temple just through the vines. Off we went running over wood logs through green and spikey vines until we got to the entrance, it was a bit bigger than we saw it before it was forbidden fire rested on torches. When Kaden was about to enter he stepped on a button on the old crooked stone floor. The ground shook rocks tumbles trees fell I stood with fear then Kaden shoved me into the temple and bang the entrance was blocked with stones. Wow shouted Kaden lets do that again he said in a excited voice, are you  joking I said in a frightful voice NO admitted Kaden as he wondered into the temple hall way where we came across a trap not just any trap… …… A shooting trap (and of course it shot arrows


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