100 word challenge

Midnight is when there is nothing around you when your just in your bed well some of you.You never know what could be there.Under your bed there is always something that you don’t know about.But what!

In the night there is a little terrifying tiny thing that no one has ever seen before.If you know what a bug is then listen.When you get into your bed do you ever look what could be about to grab your leg.So make sure that you always don’t step to close to your bed because you never know when they leave you. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the blues song

oh my days

i’m running late

mums already gone when i walk through the gate

me in my pj’s

talking about d’j’s


i got the Friday feeling

but the Monday blues

sprinkles treat

on the 23rd of October 2015 year six had an sprinkles treat. there was 4 amazing different flavors there was vanilla,strawberry,mint and chocolate i had vanilla. there was also waffles one side was just a normal waffle and on the other side had chocolate on it. it was very delicious.i was being very silly because i was putting ice cream on the waffle.There was also marshmallows to put on your ice cream but one of the things i loved was the cream that came out of the bottle it is lovely.But at one point i felt sick but i wasn’t but a few people were sick.

so that is how the sprinkles treat was it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wonder woods

One dark and stormy night in an ordinary street lived an ordinary little girl called Gem. when she was walking down the street she heard a growl from from behind a shut down shop.She had no clue what it was but it was to tempting to not go on a little adventure.As she ran over to see what was going on the loud growl got louder and louder as she got closer…

In her amazement there were two old looking rusty gates in front of a dark and spooky woodland.”I remember this place”. She had got told in the past about the woods behind a closed down shop and that it is called the wonder woods.

What do i do thought Gem do i go or do i not go.She new what she was going to do she was going to go on a little adventure.As she crept into the wonder woods it was dark and scary. The doors slammed shut it was all over grown and it looked like no one has been there for years.As she peered around she heard a rustle in the bush…

”what was that”,whispered Gem.”I don’t know shouted a voice”.She shivered and looked behind her.”A monster”,shouted Gem as she ran away.when she approached the gate it was locked she couldn’t get out.

a few minutes later

GULP ”YUMMY” SAID A VOICE.Gem was eaten she was never seen again.That is why the woods are called the wonder woods because you  never know what could be there!

Alma 2.

Slowly, I trembled. I had been trapped. All of my greed showed me what I should really be doing! I could have asked someone. But the town was abandoned. “HELP” I shouted as the chilling breeze went through the small oak door, then I remembered me seeing the other doll come up. So many children must have been trapped inside this unforgiving doll. Someone must have made this trap to teach so many children to not be greedy, I wanted to go home! No one was around other then a girl writing her name on the blackboard. It read out Jessie. She turned around and saw the doll. She rushed over, just like me, and looked into the dolls eyes. “NO DON’T DO IT!” I shouted, but it was no use, she was already running over to the door, or so I thought. But she didn’t even touch the door. I was now getting really worried about how long I would be in this evil doll. Hoping someone would stop buy and then call the police. But it was only a dream, not a reality.

Slowly the door edged open, I thought I was saved but it was only the girl from earlier. I didn’t care any more. I just wanted to leave this sad shop. The girl narrowed towards the doll I was trapped inside but then I looked to the right of me and there it was, the girls doll. “Don’t touch it, DON’T DO IT YOU IT WILL DISTROY YOU!” I shouted, but it was no use again. Only I could hear myself. Bang! She touched it, she changed.

All of sudden I fell backwards into what seemed to be a little ‘Hobbit’ hole. Stuck, I started to try and escape. Then… in a flash of light I returned to my old body. I peaked outside, there was so many children playing outside. It had stopped snowing as well. I went back to my house, it was summer? Then I went downstairs to switch on the TV. At first all it did was show blackness, then it wen right onto the news. Someone had hung themselves. So I went down into the shed were I saw million of dolls on top of my bike. Scared, I ran back inside but everything in there was also covered with dolls. Until… a sudden hand from behind me came lunging out and grabbed my leg. Every doll came alive. Running, all the dolls ran after me. But then just as I was tackled, a young man smashed the door down and shouted with a weird ascent “come with me if you want to live!”

The man was my saviour and I had to repay him. So I offered him some water and food. But he didn’t want any. ‘What a gentle man’ I thought. We both were wondering what was going on, so we went to the death scene and checked around. We then saw out of the corner of our eyes a small book in his pocket it said… I hate my life, it’s over. I thought for a second then whispered in confusion “It might be, be the doll maker or someone who shipped the dolls?”                 “That’s absurd.” The young man carried on in a weird fashion. As a police man quickly walked over a helicopter hovered over my head. In shock I jumped, as the dead body disappeared into thin air. “Where did he go? What happened?” I shouted in a startled way. Then in a flash of darkness I was knocked out.

Two hours later…

“What” I whispered to myself. I was in a Weird yet familiar place, but then the darkness came back. I was back to the street. But there was loads of marks on the ground. So I went to an air strip and asked them to help with the mystery. After waiting for about 2 and a half hours they came back and told me what it said “You have been released from hell!” The first flight member said in horror. Then the second flight pilot whispered “In exchange for your parents!” I started to think what was going on? Why all this was happening? Why did the marks say that? Who did this? I ran towards my house to check if my parents were in bed. They weren’t. Sadness took over my poor and helpless body.

I was too scared to do anything. Too sad to talk. “Save me from this unforgiving place of madness. PLEASE?” Suddenly I woke up, it was just a dream I thought. I went down stairs “Do you want any toast, darling?” my mom kindly asked. “Yes please.” I replied to her. I was so happy. 


Alma The next victim…

Imagine a world where no one was around; where the streets were silent; where snow covered roof tops; this is that lonesome scene. Another doll appeared in the glass window. It had bright blue eyes and red flowing hair, which was kind of pretty but was really creeping me out.

In the distance I could rarely see a young girl wondering down the carpet of snow on the lane. Immediately I knew she was in trouble, I couldn’t let it happen to her as well as me. She reached deep into her pocket and pulled out a block of chalk. Please don’t! I thought to myself but she wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway.

Suddenly she spun round to see her doll. I could tell she was curious as her eyes wouldn’t change from the doll to another object. She ran away freaked out by this harmful doll. Her name was Lilya as I had found out by her chalk writing on the wall. She stopped glanced back and took back all her steps until she was at the door. Lilya tried the handle, it opened easily. It must have loosened up once I’d tugged on it. The door swung open. She kicked the doorstop under the cracked door so she could always run away. She looked around but all she could see were these terrifying dolls. I knew exactly what she was going through. I felt so sorry. Yet again that annoying old fashioned doll on a bicycle started rolling towards the creaky door until it rolled out…

Lilya automatically glued her eyes to what was now a human on a rusty old bicycle. I needed to get out! I now realised that you had to find a way to leave the shop to become a human again. How hadn’t I thought of that sooner. That means he must have been in the petrifying shop for years. I looked back at Lilya but she was still exploring. I could also tell she was fascinated by this as her eyes grew wide and her thin eyebrows shot up to the top of her head. I couldn’t tell what it actually was but Lilya was holding a folded piece of paper. She opened it up, it looked like a plan. She slowly read it out loud, all the dolls knowing exactly what she was saying. I was right, it was a plan on how to get out but at the end it said good luck from Mr Smith (the bicycle guy).

Everyone stared at each other then got to work. It was like Lilya could read our minds as she knew exactly what we were doing. She got us all down from the shelf and placed on the floor when one doll hit the doorstop and the door started to close. “Noooooo!” I shouted. Lilya ran to the door until… It was to late we were all stuck. A shadow of a figure appeared from behind the shelf…


Alma, a new beginning

Imagine a world where everyone lived in danger, where there was no happiness, where every child was a… doll!!! this was the life in this snowy town. There was once a beautiful little girl called Alma and one day she got a bit to curious and ended up in the middle of a catastrophe.long story short. She’s now a doll! The whole town (20 people) knew instantly. It was a really big thing and it hasn’t happened for 50 years! But darkness has returned…

It all happened on the 2nd October 2014. Alma had just disappeared like a snowflake in the sun. Because of the doll! And another doll had just appeared! It had lovely red hair and an awesome jacket. But because of past events we all knew she was evil. Anyway the word spread pretty quickly and everyone was petrified. But after a few days everyone started to think that the doll was normal. But that was her plan…  she had her first attempt on the smith family. Bob died first. but we couldn’t find his body! no one has seen the doll since. It’s been a long time since the last incident and we were all getting scared. Suddenly it striked again but this time it had a different strategy. It had friends!!! But Alma refused…

After a few days of planning they started to sprint out the door . They were attacking. They were like a huge swarm of bees. But Alma remained inside. They started to attack everyone, and we kind of gave up. It was the end! or was it . Jemima knew what she had to do. she had to rub the names of the white board and luckily there was no one there to guard it . She had rubbed the names of the board and in a blink of an eye they were gone. But the red haired doll was still there…

to be continued…..

Alma The Sequel

Alma stared at the red doll. She didn’t know what to do. She could’ve screamed ,but she was incapable of anything. Alma tried to move. She  but didn’t even budge. The poor girl was afraid: eyes flickering; heart pounding; breathing heavily. Suddenly, she fell off the shelf. Then she heard chuckling overhead. “Those brats” she thought. An amazing thought overcome her. Alma tried to move but just rolled over. ” Keep going.” She said to herself.

The doll saw Alma wriggling around. She leaped onto Alma viciously. “You stay on that shelf!” She bellowed. Alma thought she could call this fiend dreadlocks. Dreadlocks flew backwards. Alma was starting to get used to being a doll. Well, not for long. Soon, she would get out of this lump of plastic. Just then, there was a huge crash. The window smashed. It was Alma’s turn.”Swoosh!” She flew out the open window. The snow was as soft as a pillow. Alma landed with an ” POOF.”  A sheet of paper flew past her. It landed on her lap. The headline read ” YOUNG GIRL MISSING.”  Astonishment shot through her. How did they know? After all, she was an orphan.

Alma spun around.A ghostly figure rose above the counter.  Who could it be? It was a grey figure with crazy red hair, goofy teeth, massive goggles and tiny red eyes. He stabbed a bit of glass into Alma’s neck. Slowly, a dizzy feeling controlled her. A few minutes later, she woke up. Alma stared at her arms to see that she was a human again. “Yippee!!” She Yelled. She got up and saw the dark silhouette of her new enemy. It was overtaking the science-mad-man. “NO!” She screamed.

Alma leaped into action. She smacked the doll . All the other dolls watched in terror. But unfortunately,  Alma was too late. The mad-man had touched the doll. Although it looked nothing like him, he was still intrigued. Her jaw dropped. Alma stared in amazement. Pixel by pixel, he faded away. 

Alma ran. She was afraid. Nothing could stop her from running as fast as her legs would carry her. Once she got to a far enough distance… she stopped. After panting for a few minutes, Alma sat down. She waited to catch her breath. Her heart was pounding so loud, she could hear it over everything. Just then a scream shrieked across  the air. Silence ensued..

Alma was worried. She stood up. Alma ran. Once she got to the there, Alma searched. She was looking for a sign of life. There was no one around. Her heart was pounding.” That man,” she thought. “Transformed me. But how?”  Alma was determined to find the strangely kind man’s doll. After all, he did help her. But Alma was also determined to find out who was behind this evil plot to destroy human kind. A scientist maybe? Or possibly a weird human mole or something? Alma had enough of worrying who it was, she wanted to know what the scream was. Just then, another scream burst her eardrums. As Alma ventured through the smashed glass,  the scream got louder. Alma found herself  in a kitchen. The scream was actually an old kettle boiling. “Those clever maniacs.”  She whispered to herself. “The only maniac is you” Giggled a wicked voice. “Who…who said that?” Alma stuttered.

“ME! HE HE HEEEEE” Screamed a witchy figure as she rose. Alma jumped at the sight of the anonymous witch. ZAP!…ZAP!…ZAP!!!! The crazy witch was shooting a fiery acid at Alma. Luckily, she dodged each blast. Once the liquid touched something, it would transform into a plastic figurine. Alma hid in an old closet. She tried to mute her breathing.The witch slid straight past her. A sigh of relief blew into her mind.“Where are you?” Shrieked an evil voice Alma couldn’t stand. She waited for a perfect moment to escape. Now, Alma suggested. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much time to get away. 5 seconds thought Alma as she slowly counted down. 4…3…2… POW! “HE HE HEEEEE” Shrieked the hate-able voice. A blue dash of lightning flashed passed her. Alma ran past. ignoring every blast, Alma looked for a great hiding place.

Imagine a place  where there was no one to talk to (except maniacs); no family; lost for life:This is poor Alma’s final chapter. Now, Alma was running(a lot) with lightning strikes flying past her. After roughly 9 minutes, she came to a dead end. There was no way out. Alma managed to dodge a lot of blasts…POW!! Her body dropped to the ground. “HE HE HEEE”

The end is near !!!!!![Alma 3]

Dear diary ,

A creepy red haired doll has left this monotone shop and i have heard very bad noises also this is only day 1 every time she come back she is covered in blood I don’t know what is going on but as i said this is only  day 1.


DAY 2, the red haired doll has recruited multiple dolls i don’t know why she’s doing this but i will not move, i will not kill anyone. she has tried persuading me to join her group but i just said she looked horrible [yeah she felt that BURN] she also tried pushing me of the shelf but she released that if i smash i will return to my physical form so i can bully them ,yeah i’m not going soft on them.

DAY 3,At this rate i,m just going to call the evil doll Charlotte. So then Charlotte killed multiple people last night and 2 of the them where my parents so basically my parents are bacon cheese burgers for some very weird reason[i just couldn’t help my self]

DAY 4,Charlotte pulled my dead parents into the room .What was going to happen .Charlotte stuffed my dead parents into a doll so she could have more reinforcements to take over my home town THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!

DAY 5,No one is alive, Charlotte has killed everyone [apart from me of course ] i am the only one who could stop Charlotte  i have to smash every single doll to return every one back to their physical form . this is how i will do that

PLAN time,firstly i will ask Charlotte if i could help them,Next then when i find a dead police man i will pick up his rocket launcher and blow up all the evil dolls, So to be honest i have to go on a killing evil doll streak [it sounds better when i say it in my head].