Animal Ark Puppies in the pantry.

Chapter One.

Going Away.

“Yes! Finally!, mum their going to come,  I can’t wait! ” Shouted Mandy who was jumping up and down.”I know that you’re excited but there’s no need to shout.” Calmly said Emily(Mandy’s mum)Mandy’s Aunt (Vicki) was coming round to give her dog to Mandy so she could look after it because Vicki was going on holiday for a few weeks to visit her mum in Canada and her mum is allergic to dogs. Ding-dong. “Mum they’re here, they’re here!” Mandy said joyfully. She opened the door. “Hello dear how are you?” Vicki said in a happy voice she was wearing a bright blue coat and with bright red shoes. “Hello Aunt please come in.” Said Mandy politely. “Aw Hello to you to Coco(Vicki’s dog).”said Mandy. “So you know what I am here for , please look after her well I can’t stay here for long I’ve got to go to the airport, bye Coco I’ll miss you, remeber me!” Said Vicki sadly.Coco gave out a kind goodbye bark ”woof-woof.” Coco said. “Bye!” said Mandy. “We’ll look after her well, promise you!” Said Mandy waving good bye to Vicki.

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my life

I wake up in the bright sunlight  at about 7 o’clock by my alarm  I get dressed into my Scholl  and go down stairs with my called jasper he is a small  dog and at 8 o’clock I help my mum   get my sisters dressed for Scholl  in my opinion it tares a long time to get my sisters up my sisters are called Megan Scarlett  then we have briefest I have toast then we get are shoes on and coats and get in the car when we arrive at Winton primary  I talk  Megan to the gait .


atomic:100 word challenge

“Quick run away from him now ,he has it he has the atomic disseise!” Yelled Bob

4 Days ago.

“This is channel 6 news describing how can something so small kill so many?” communicated the news lady whilst getting chased by an infected.

” What in the name of news,there’s an infection around the whole city I wonder what I should do? should I get supplies or go look for survivors?” thought Jack.

4 days later.

“Quick run away from him now ,he has it he has the atomic disseise!” Yelled Bob as he was sprinting away from the infected.

“ok”shouted Jack!


Something small.

Have you ever imagined something so small causing something so big? This story shows it can be true.

I was running. Guns were firing. Bombs exploding. It was terrorism. A few minutes before, I was in a football game. We all gasped at the noise. Some even fainted. We heard shouting above us. Bullets spread out across the pitch. One of the players told us all to hide or to run. How could something so small, cause such a tremendous attack?  We heard on the news that over 500 people were involved. Yes, including dead or injured. Unfortunately, no one was arrested.


Coke bomb :100word challenge

It was a an amazing day in equip Egypt . a rushed plane was fling and in that plane

t There was a coca bottle in the plane there was 200 people and in the plane

t There was a hidden bomb in a coca betel. a After a few minuets it exploded and every inesent  person  D dead it was harebell.

Something Tiny

One day a little squirrel called Jimmy walked down the grubby old path leading to the massive old oak tree. He lived in the beautiful tree and he loved playing hide and seek with his big brother Jeremy( who is very strong and muscular.) Time later bees came swooping down from above stealing the nectar from the flowers all of them.there was not enough oxygen for the other squirrels their only hope was to stay very close to the tree.

Weeks later they ran out of food and were starving and the oak tree started to rot how could something so little do that?

why something so small done something so big

Why something so small done something so big. the deases that killed lods millions of people is very bad. the people that get it is very hard to get a pill that can stop it. mostly animals have it and they give it to the people and then people give it to other people. then it just spreds and spreds and it doesn’t stop. people die from it then peoples families die. a lot of people should stay away from animals unless you wash then pretty much every day. scientists are trying to cure it they are trying so hard to curing it.


How so tiny

I was walking down the road and I sore saw a massive space ship and it had a hamster driving it. So tiny how could  it even turn the wheel? Then I sore saw a cat ridding a horse in the middle of a road and there where no cars. Then 1 car came down the road being driven by a mouse! How so tiny it nearly ran over the cat on the horse. Suddenly the Ghostbusters ran down the road being chased by a ghost how so scary! It started raining small bits of salt how so tiny! A flying man zoomed by how so fast.

Dieax: 100 Word challenge

“Run, they’ve got it!” James said as he ran through the door into his lounge and to the front door. “What is, it?” James’s friend asked.
“Dieax!” James screamed
“What is that?!” Connor questioned
“A bad yet small thing, it swaps your organs and makes you a zombie.” He replied slamming the door open. They ran to the small mall across the road hoping they would find their friends inside. “GO,GO,GOOOOO!” James shouted at his slow friend. They ran to the door but it was locked, they walked back and counted to three, then barged into the door. “Wait, stop…”

100 word challenge

On Friday there was a courageous attack with a bullet a phone and a man! In the street the people that live there heard a big bang like a bomb exploding so everyone got scared my heart was racing faster and faster for at least 2 minutes. I didn’t know what it was until my dad went outside to check. He was very brave to go outside, my mum followed she told me to stay in the house so me and my sister just peered through the window and we saw that a man’s phone was on the floor and it had a hole in it. He told my parents about the bullet going through his phone and then my parents told me and my sister. I thought how could something so tiny do all that damage!