The awakening! Chapter 5

“Yes, I will..” Callum replied
“Good, thanks. Bro.” Jack answered with a small grin on his face.
Callum started to grin as well as his brother. They walked to the huge door that kept people out of the map room. “Your first run starts in 2 hours,” Jack spoke “You will be going to the small area out of the death zone. Just to warn you it’s one of the most dangerous place in this place…” As Callum looked down towards the dead body of what was a beautiful girl he said in a very sarcastic voice “Well you just had to bring that up didn’t Ya” they both walked out the steel door and into a door way just behind the entrance to the outside area. “This is were you, AND ONLY YOU! Mark were you found thing and how much you found, ok?” Jack asked with another grin on his face. Then Jack started talking again “But your the only one who goes over the 5 mile mark, no one and if I here if you bringing anyone and I mean this, you’ll be the ‘zombies’ next treat!”

After about 1 hour and a few minutes all the runner got together in the small map room and talked about the route until Callum came in a started talking about how they were going on one of the largest runs they’ve probably ran in their life. Then he said that he’ll be the only one going to what Jack called before he went into the map room ‘Zombie lane’ but he shouldn’t have as one of the runner started to question how he was running that far even though he had never been doing this job and hadn’t even ran for that long after waking up in the ‘Box’. All of a sudden argument broke out and that made the deputy keeper ran of and shouted as he did so ‘I’ll go do this on my own!!!” Everyone got so scared how they’d just lost one of the best people in the ‘safe haven’. After he ran about 9 people followed him and then shouted to him or so that’s what Callum thought “We’re coming, wait up!” Then he realised he had just deleted some of the best runners of the system. Callum then walked over to the nearest chair, put his head down in shame then sat down. “What have I done?” He questioned as his head came up and then at that moment a tear rolled down his deeply depressed face. “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” He screamed in complete anger and agony “WHY?”
What has happened…?