Animal Ark Puppies in the pantry.

Chapter One.

Going Away.

“Yes! Finally!, mum their going to come,  I can’t wait! ” Shouted Mandy who was jumping up and down.”I know that you’re excited but there’s no need to shout.” Calmly said Emily(Mandy’s mum)Mandy’s Aunt (Vicki) was coming round to give her dog to Mandy so she could look after it because Vicki was going on holiday for a few weeks to visit her mum in Canada and her mum is allergic to dogs. Ding-dong. “Mum they’re here, they’re here!” Mandy said joyfully. She opened the door. “Hello dear how are you?” Vicki said in a happy voice she was wearing a bright blue coat and with bright red shoes. “Hello Aunt please come in.” Said Mandy politely. “Aw Hello to you to Coco(Vicki’s dog).”said Mandy. “So you know what I am here for , please look after her well I can’t stay here for long I’ve got to go to the airport, bye Coco I’ll miss you, remeber me!” Said Vicki sadly.Coco gave out a kind goodbye bark ”woof-woof.” Coco said. “Bye!” said Mandy. “We’ll look after her well, promise you!” Said Mandy waving good bye to Vicki.

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  1. Well done Bushra! You have worked hard on using speech to develop your characters. Remember that each time a new person speaks, you should start a new line. On the computer, you would press enter to start a new line for a new speaker.

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