The Bear and the Hare

Casually strolling through the green forest the bear and hare searched for their  friends.As the leaves fell on the brown big bear as the hare was talking about Christmas but the bare doesn’t know anything about Christmas.

As a single snowflake fell on the bear nose the hare as the bear fell back on the ground  and is little brown ears fell back as the hare slid off the bare.A loud yawn he was tired they was near the end of the forest not that far. The hare got back on the bear as they started walking.

Glancing   towards  the Christmas tree the hare looked at his friends now the time had come as they stared at the Christmas tree all the animals enjoyed putting the Christmas decorations up and the lights up.

lots of animals gathered under the Christmas tree talking. As soon as the bare walked past the big Christmas tree and up the hill.The hare was left alone as a tear dropped down the bear looked back and the hare looked at the bear the hare went back to the Christmas tree.


Bonfire night

After Queen Elizabeth I died in 1603 guy Fawkes and 13 young men decided to rebel against Robert Catesby wanted to blow up the prince of wiles .Guy Fawkes put them in the cellar .It was under the lords house. Maybe killed the king to do the plane they barrels.