my life

I wake up in the bright sunlight  at about 7 o’clock by my alarm  I get dressed into my Scholl  and go down stairs with my called jasper he is a small  dog and at 8 o’clock I help my mum   get my sisters dressed for Scholl  in my opinion it tares a long time to get my sisters up my sisters are called Megan Scarlett  then we have briefest I have toast then we get are shoes on and coats and get in the car when we arrive at Winton primary  I talk  Megan to the gait .


daily life in fence

I walked to  Scholl  with my friend  called honey and  me amber  then suddenly a massive boom fell to the ground  they run to school Winton primary  Scholl with tariffing…….. what is she going to do   amber said lets  go under the table   and SCARING AHHAHAHAHHAHH. Over 200 people died  people are still sad and upset  there Teachers say be came other scholls have  had the  same poplems like  tow booms have exploded . it  in one scholl    i was in a shok  aaabout it . On the news it said that there next  attact  france but they do not now that  they are attacing there cantrey. lost of people have died in my  class but  we are stroing and we well  be  back to normal in now time. As they say for a cople of daay they have been puting flags up on windows  of there cantry  falg to remmber thouths that died . I put up my flag and visting a place with candls and flowers for 2 minnit of siients  and all around the cantry but just  one  minnet of silents .It is  still warking on ficking the house and the scholls but part from that that we are fine and  calm , picefly so amber aand hony were still upset but they now that it’s ok they still  walk to sholl to gether meanwhile they were learing  hard so that they now