the bear and the hare Christmas story

casually strolling through the wood the bear and the hare where on there way to the Christmas tree like they do every year. Suddenly! The bear began to yarn the  hare knew what was going to happen but as the hare walk off in to the mist hare knew what to get bear for Christmas when he wakes up from hibernation it was Christmas eve when hare delivered the present to bear.

the next day bear still wasn’t there but as the sun rose from the hills bear aped as he tumbled down the hill he remember what hare gave to him a alarm clock.

the crash of death 100 WORD CHALLENGE

Imagine something so small could start something so big. Like my mum when I was 5  my mum hade a car crash  that changed every thing. Me and my mum where coming back from  bowling when a car cam charging round the corner and smashed in to the side of us. Well I say smashed but I mean  well crashed the man said that his brakes jammed up and wouldn’t work so he got in his car and drove of. 2 years later and mum was in hospital 5 times next year the same happened  again then the next year again YOU SEE SOMTHIN SO SMALL CAN START SOMTHING SO BIG. THE END

alma part 1


as I walked up to the door. I could  see a doll it looked a lot like me. but when I looked up…. it was gone I searched all round the shop but couldn’t find it suddenly I sore it. It  was on a table  in the shop. I went to open the door but it was locked so I tried frowning a snow ball   at it but it wouldn’t open so I ran of. then the door opened I  went in and the doll wasn’t  there I looked every where then I sore it on tope of a shelf I went to touch it…