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The awakening! Chapter 5

“Yes, I will..” Callum replied
“Good, thanks. Bro.” Jack answered with a small grin on his face.
Callum started to grin as well as his brother. They walked to the huge door that kept people out of the map room. “Your first run starts in 2 hours,” Jack spoke “You will be going to the small area out of the death zone. Just to warn you it’s one of the most dangerous place in this place…” As Callum looked down towards the dead body of what was a beautiful girl he said in a very sarcastic voice “Well you just had to bring that up didn’t Ya” they both walked out the steel door and into a door way just behind the entrance to the outside area. “This is were you, AND ONLY YOU! Mark were you found thing and how much you found, ok?” Jack asked with another grin on his face. Then Jack started talking again “But your the only one who goes over the 5 mile mark, no one and if I here if you bringing anyone and I mean this, you’ll be the ‘zombies’ next treat!”

After about 1 hour and a few minutes all the runner got together in the small map room and talked about the route until Callum came in a started talking about how they were going on one of the largest runs they’ve probably ran in their life. Then he said that he’ll be the only one going to what Jack called before he went into the map room ‘Zombie lane’ but he shouldn’t have as one of the runner started to question how he was running that far even though he had never been doing this job and hadn’t even ran for that long after waking up in the ‘Box’. All of a sudden argument broke out and that made the deputy keeper ran of and shouted as he did so ‘I’ll go do this on my own!!!” Everyone got so scared how they’d just lost one of the best people in the ‘safe haven’. After he ran about 9 people followed him and then shouted to him or so that’s what Callum thought “We’re coming, wait up!” Then he realised he had just deleted some of the best runners of the system. Callum then walked over to the nearest chair, put his head down in shame then sat down. “What have I done?” He questioned as his head came up and then at that moment a tear rolled down his deeply depressed face. “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” He screamed in complete anger and agony “WHY?”
What has happened…?

Hare’s heart broken for Christmas?!

After a glistening snowflake hit a well known brown bear, the large animal knew it was time for hibernation.

On the 22nd December a large bear was walking without a care in the world through the wet, frosty and cold forest of Glentress. When doing so a small snow hare rode the brown bears rough and coloured back.

a witness stated that “After a trip through the snowy and cold Glentress the bear took a quick peek at a huge Christmas tree. But then he faced backwards, yawned then walked off into the misty forest of rocks, bikers and trees.” – Liam the hunter.

After the bear hibernated for about 2 days the heroic hare whose heart was broken brought a small parcel that was wrapped in red and blue striped wrapping paper . Inside was a clock that would go off at 6:30 AM on the 25th of December. The hare gave a bear whose never has a Christmas, the best Christmas ever.

“My heart was so warm…” – The hare.


Dieax: 100 Word challenge

“Run, they’ve got it!” James said as he ran through the door into his lounge and to the front door. “What is, it?” James’s friend asked.
“Dieax!” James screamed
“What is that?!” Connor questioned
“A bad yet small thing, it swaps your organs and makes you a zombie.” He replied slamming the door open. They ran to the small mall across the road hoping they would find their friends inside. “GO,GO,GOOOOO!” James shouted at his slow friend. They ran to the door but it was locked, they walked back and counted to three, then barged into the door. “Wait, stop…”

The awakening. Chapter 4


It was a maze of what looked to be the area close to them. “Why is there so much yellow bits, I’m guessing it’s all sand?” Callum said in a questionable voice. Jack moved with a very large grin. “Yeah, but it’s not a maze. Just a area that looks like one.”
“What if it is a maze?”
“You questioning me, first of all I am your brother and I’ve been here the longest!!!” Jack said in a very angry, loud voice. All of a sudden the door they had opened flew open. Someone walked through, slowly she asked what they were doing. She then fell to the floor and started to say “KILL ME, I’ve got it…”
“No Alisha, NO!” Jack shouted in terror.
“What does she mean by it? Why is she asking to be killed? WHY” Callum asked in a mildly scared voice. “She has got… got… the… BELL”
“The bell?” Callum questioned
“It’ll kill you…” Jack said in a very quite voice “Slowly and painfully, it’s worst then death, a lot worst.” Jack walked over to a cabinet and opened it. Inside was a gun. Jack loaded it, then ‘bang’…

All of a sudden Jack kneeled down and started to murmur “Why, our best scout, DEAD! No, we can’t be falling apart.”  His eyes started to water,
“Why do you mean by, ‘Falling apart’?”
“Recently our best men have gone, well and girls, like John our cook. Our Deputy leader, Jake. Well of course Alisha the keeper of the scavenger or some people call them ‘Runners’.”
“Do you want to be the keeper of the runners, bro?”

What should Callum say?

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  • No (33%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 18

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The awakening. Chapter 3

After seeing Jack, Callum started to wonder what had happened to the earth or if it was even earth. He slowly started to move and stretch. Then Jack opened the black and heavy cell door and then spoke “Come on Callum we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.” Callum was suddenly happy, exited. He had met his brother, after so many… he didn’t actually know? “So, do you know what happened here?” Callum asked. “Nope!” Jack replied as they got to the end of the hall that both of them had been walking down. It was a giant door that was speedily opening to see the outside world of piece and happiness. “It’s only fake grass, trees and a lot more. All fake, unfortunately.” Jack said in a depressing manor. It was all fake, but so cool. Why was he so sad? Why did everyone seem so sad? How was this even possible? “How did you make all this?” Callum asked
“With a lot of search teams…” Jack replied “but to many, way to many deaths”
“What do you mean by search teams, deaths. What does it mean?” He questioned.
“Don’t get it, do ya?” Jack said in a angry voice “The world is in a disaster. People try to kill you to survive, I guess it’s the survival of the fittest.
“But WHY?” Callum asked needing answers.
“Just stop asking questions for now. You’ll get your answers eventually!” his brother told him as Callum started to get annoyed. They walked to a door that seemed to be locked, Jack took out some rusty keys out of his torn pocket and inserted them into the black and cracked door. He turned the key until the door slowly slided open. “Whoa?” Callum said with a hint of fear in his voice. It was a room made out of broken bricks ripped wall paper and in the middle was a big map with a few trees, green patches and buildings, but the rest was surrounded by so many yellow patches.


Alma 2.

Slowly, I trembled. I had been trapped. All of my greed showed me what I should really be doing! I could have asked someone. But the town was abandoned. “HELP” I shouted as the chilling breeze went through the small oak door, then I remembered me seeing the other doll come up. So many children must have been trapped inside this unforgiving doll. Someone must have made this trap to teach so many children to not be greedy, I wanted to go home! No one was around other then a girl writing her name on the blackboard. It read out Jessie. She turned around and saw the doll. She rushed over, just like me, and looked into the dolls eyes. “NO DON’T DO IT!” I shouted, but it was no use, she was already running over to the door, or so I thought. But she didn’t even touch the door. I was now getting really worried about how long I would be in this evil doll. Hoping someone would stop buy and then call the police. But it was only a dream, not a reality.

Slowly the door edged open, I thought I was saved but it was only the girl from earlier. I didn’t care any more. I just wanted to leave this sad shop. The girl narrowed towards the doll I was trapped inside but then I looked to the right of me and there it was, the girls doll. “Don’t touch it, DON’T DO IT YOU IT WILL DISTROY YOU!” I shouted, but it was no use again. Only I could hear myself. Bang! She touched it, she changed.

All of sudden I fell backwards into what seemed to be a little ‘Hobbit’ hole. Stuck, I started to try and escape. Then… in a flash of light I returned to my old body. I peaked outside, there was so many children playing outside. It had stopped snowing as well. I went back to my house, it was summer? Then I went downstairs to switch on the TV. At first all it did was show blackness, then it wen right onto the news. Someone had hung themselves. So I went down into the shed were I saw million of dolls on top of my bike. Scared, I ran back inside but everything in there was also covered with dolls. Until… a sudden hand from behind me came lunging out and grabbed my leg. Every doll came alive. Running, all the dolls ran after me. But then just as I was tackled, a young man smashed the door down and shouted with a weird ascent “come with me if you want to live!”

The man was my saviour and I had to repay him. So I offered him some water and food. But he didn’t want any. ‘What a gentle man’ I thought. We both were wondering what was going on, so we went to the death scene and checked around. We then saw out of the corner of our eyes a small book in his pocket it said… I hate my life, it’s over. I thought for a second then whispered in confusion “It might be, be the doll maker or someone who shipped the dolls?”                 “That’s absurd.” The young man carried on in a weird fashion. As a police man quickly walked over a helicopter hovered over my head. In shock I jumped, as the dead body disappeared into thin air. “Where did he go? What happened?” I shouted in a startled way. Then in a flash of darkness I was knocked out.

Two hours later…

“What” I whispered to myself. I was in a Weird yet familiar place, but then the darkness came back. I was back to the street. But there was loads of marks on the ground. So I went to an air strip and asked them to help with the mystery. After waiting for about 2 and a half hours they came back and told me what it said “You have been released from hell!” The first flight member said in horror. Then the second flight pilot whispered “In exchange for your parents!” I started to think what was going on? Why all this was happening? Why did the marks say that? Who did this? I ran towards my house to check if my parents were in bed. They weren’t. Sadness took over my poor and helpless body.

I was too scared to do anything. Too sad to talk. “Save me from this unforgiving place of madness. PLEASE?” Suddenly I woke up, it was just a dream I thought. I went down stairs “Do you want any toast, darling?” my mom kindly asked. “Yes please.” I replied to her. I was so happy. 


Alma 2. Sequel


Day 92


I have now captured almost every child in the local area. I am going to be spreading my shops all over Russia. Then i will spread them even further around the the world until i get rid of these evil and annoying children. Some people love children, but their greed will take over and force them to come and steel my doll. Ungrateful, annoying, this what i think of children. Fear. They should all fear me. I will take all their children for being mean. Greed is a thing in life that is not good. OK sometimes I might want to take something but I don’t. If they are gonna be greedy they will pay!

Day 93

Finally I have enough money to buy more shops around the cites of Russia. After all those kids stole my dolls I want revenge. The temptation of just killing these kids is overwhelming but I have trapped 97,000 little children in my brilliant dolls soon even more. Everyone is worrying about their children but they will have to give me 100 rubble (Russian currency) or their souls! It’s over for the children all over Russia.

Day 94

I win, every mother is paying me 100 rubble. 9,700,000 rubble. Rich but sad I’m feeling so bad now. All the children, all the mothers everyone was scared. Life not worth living anymore, tomorrow I will be hanging myself. The guilt overwhelmed me, all the money, every family now poor. They can have the money back. I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE! I’m the worst person to ever live. If the police don’t kill me, I will!

Day 95


The Awakening! Chapter 2

As his new ‘friends’ all surrounded him he quietly walked towards a person who looked as if he was the leader. He had a few war badges, and a name tag. No one else had a name tag. So many people swarmed around him, while he was lifted by the crowd of people, who seemed to love him. Until someone shouted ”Hows dinner coming on?” All them must of been cannibals he thought. He started to struggle away from these ‘freaks’ all of a sudden another gun shot boomed through the sky the noise scaring the cannibals,  he should of gone with the guy with a gun. He might of been a maniac but he would have been easier to escape then a horde of cannibals! He struggled and struggled, but he couldn’t escape. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Callum was dead. Until a large bullet shot through one of the evil and harsh cannibals soft head. Quickly they all ran… he was safe, for now?

The shadow of his saviour disappeared, where did he go? Then in the sound of a scared man he asked “Are you, Callum?” Callum was shocked not knowing what he should or shouldn’t do he replied with a simple answer of “Yes, how do you know? He didn’t know how someone could ask such a question until he was stabed in the back by someone with some sort of drug. “HEY-” Callum shouted as he dosed off. Then about a day later he awoke… He was worried, he was in a cell, a jail cell. “No. Not now!” Callum screeched. He had been kidnapped and tested on by a group of thugs or so he thought. “Wake up… Callum!” A voice whispered from outside the cell.                      “It’s me.” to Callum’s disbelief, it was Jack?

The Awakening! Chapter 1

Slowly his eyes opened. It seemed he was in a container moving up quickly and making too much noise as it flew up. Awake, no past memories just barely knowing what his name was if even remembering that. He suddenly heard movement… but their was no one in sight. He heard cranking all of a sudden, he got up, something was opening. It was the roof of the container. The light burned his eyes as if he’d been blind forever. He saw the sun, but no trees, no grass, no people were close to him. But he still wasn’t alone. “Jack?!” He slowly spoke. “My name is Jack!” What had happened to him?, why did earth look so bad?,  why was he put in a container? So many questions flurried into his ‘lost’ mind. Jack wasn’t his name though, it was his, older, brothers. This man was scared, it was too quiet… Bang, the sound of a gunshot boomed through the week and thin air. He started to get nervous, were was his family?, were was he? He did not know! Following the gunshot sound he saw a figure moving slowly towards a body. He quietly escaped not knowing what to do. Suddenly another gunshot boomed around him. Scared; he didn’t know what was or could happen to him. Did he go to the man, WITH A GUN, or just stay low in case the man was a maniac. He took the hard way and ran. The heat was overwhelming and after a few minutes he started to cry, “HELP, HELP ME, PLEASE!” He couldn’t take anymore. He had given up. Until he heard people talking, people laughing would everything be alright? Wanting answers he followed every laugh, every cheer, he was close. He could tell because the sound was getting louder and louder. Not many people were their but they were people never the less. “Hey everyone, we have a newbie!” A young and high pitch voice yelled. In shock the man shouted “Callum, my name… my name is… it’s Callum!” He shouted. “Welcome. Callum.” The other man said quietly “Drinks, Foods, anything. Well most things and we’ve got it?” “Can I have some food with a cup of water, please?” Callum requested. “Sure thing… buddy.” The fear slowly disappeared, only sadness left in his young yet wise system.