The Bear and the Hare

Causally strolling through the forest, the bear and the hare searched for their friends. After two hours, they realised they still had a long way to go. The autumn leaves fell from the tall trees and the bear stamped through the damp ground. Comfortably, the grey hare sat on the large bear’s back as they chatted to one another about how the seasons were changing.

As a single snowflake fell on the bear’s nose, the hare’s eyes filled with tears. heart broken the hare’s ears fell behind him like a feather. Falling down one by one the snow started to cover the surface with a white coat.

Glancing towards the Christmas tree, the hare looked at the bear and knew the time had come. The hare new it was hibernation time for the bear and that meant no Christmas for the bear again.

The bear gradually turned around and walked into the mist.With every footstep the bear moved further away the more the hare’s heart shattered into smaller pieces.Eyes watering, the hare’s eyes followed the bear could no more.

100 world challenge

How could something so tiny cause this destruction on a plane flight from Egypt to Moscow that all started from a little bomb in a coke bottle. BANG that bomb went killing everyone on that plane, crashing into the big ,dangerous killer called the SEA. Who would do caused this and made this disaster happen. I will always wonder what  that would of been like. But I would not want to be on that plane because I would die and I go on planes with my parents so that means they would die as well and I DON’T LIKE DYING.  

Alma chapter 2, 3 and 4

Inside the shop I crept towards the identical doll,which looked just like me, as I got closer my left foot connected to a boy on a tricycle suddenly the tricycles wheels started to spin quickly, as I picked it up as quick as it could it jumped out of my hands, and raced towards the door…

SLAM!!! the door shut before the boy got out. Slowly I turned round to see the the doll was gone. Looking around I finally saw it  on a shelf with lots of other dolls next to it. I approached it, took my gloves of and climb up to it. I grab it.

Suddenly I wish I didn’t as I was consumed by it I was trapped, all I could see was darkness and dolls, I was the doll I could only see in front of it. All of a sudden another doll rose from the darkness but she had a rose colour dress and red hair. All I kept to myself was I wish I didn’t write my name on that chalkboard. Eventually that girl came and wrote her name on her chalkboard.