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The Baby Brother Cleaning Machine!!!!!


After weeks of tolerating unwanted baby odors, I decided to create a Baby Brother cleaning machine. So, how does it work?

First the machine is activated when when its smell sensor detects human baby odors that are higher than normal. The machine’s activation causes soft music to play. A dummy emerges from the machine and is placed into the baby’s mouth.  This causes the little human to calm down.

When the baby has settled down, a padded claw reaches down onto the fragile creature. The mechanical object brings the baby to a bath. This enables the cleaning process to begin. Once the baby is in the bath, the hot water begins to run. This means that the baby is ready for the soap stage.

Finally, the youth encounters the drying stage. The baby is raised so that the hot air can reach all parts of its body. After 5 minutes, the baby is dry, clean and placed into a harness. This means that the nappy can be put on. Once the nappy is on, the baby is placed onto a pressure plate. This de-activates the system.

This is how the baby brother cleaning machine works.


Something small.

Have you ever imagined something so small causing something so big? This story shows it can be true.

I was running. Guns were firing. Bombs exploding. It was terrorism. A few minutes before, I was in a football game. We all gasped at the noise. Some even fainted. We heard shouting above us. Bullets spread out across the pitch. One of the players told us all to hide or to run. How could something so small, cause such a tremendous attack?  We heard on the news that over 500 people were involved. Yes, including dead or injured. Unfortunately, no one was arrested.


Story of guy Fawkes

Story of guy Fawkes

After queen Elisabeth I died in 1603, English Catholics hoped her successor
(James I)  would have more tolerance. He did have a catholic mother after all. Unfortunately, he was the complete opposite.

13 young men, decided that violence was the answer A small gang was formed. Lead by Robert Catesby. He agreed with the men. They had organise a plot. To blow up the houses of parliament. It  would kill the king, the prince of wales and members of parliament.

The conspirators were known as terrorists/extremists. Carrying out their plan involved conspirators getting hold of 36 barrels of gunpowder. They stored them in a cellar under the house of lords.


Alma The Sequel

Alma stared at the red doll. She didn’t know what to do. She could’ve screamed ,but she was incapable of anything. Alma tried to move. She  but didn’t even budge. The poor girl was afraid: eyes flickering; heart pounding; breathing heavily. Suddenly, she fell off the shelf. Then she heard chuckling overhead. “Those brats” she thought. An amazing thought overcome her. Alma tried to move but just rolled over. ” Keep going.” She said to herself.

The doll saw Alma wriggling around. She leaped onto Alma viciously. “You stay on that shelf!” She bellowed. Alma thought she could call this fiend dreadlocks. Dreadlocks flew backwards. Alma was starting to get used to being a doll. Well, not for long. Soon, she would get out of this lump of plastic. Just then, there was a huge crash. The window smashed. It was Alma’s turn.”Swoosh!” She flew out the open window. The snow was as soft as a pillow. Alma landed with an ” POOF.”  A sheet of paper flew past her. It landed on her lap. The headline read ” YOUNG GIRL MISSING.”  Astonishment shot through her. How did they know? After all, she was an orphan.

Alma spun around.A ghostly figure rose above the counter.  Who could it be? It was a grey figure with crazy red hair, goofy teeth, massive goggles and tiny red eyes. He stabbed a bit of glass into Alma’s neck. Slowly, a dizzy feeling controlled her. A few minutes later, she woke up. Alma stared at her arms to see that she was a human again. “Yippee!!” She Yelled. She got up and saw the dark silhouette of her new enemy. It was overtaking the science-mad-man. “NO!” She screamed.

Alma leaped into action. She smacked the doll . All the other dolls watched in terror. But unfortunately,  Alma was too late. The mad-man had touched the doll. Although it looked nothing like him, he was still intrigued. Her jaw dropped. Alma stared in amazement. Pixel by pixel, he faded away. 

Alma ran. She was afraid. Nothing could stop her from running as fast as her legs would carry her. Once she got to a far enough distance… she stopped. After panting for a few minutes, Alma sat down. She waited to catch her breath. Her heart was pounding so loud, she could hear it over everything. Just then a scream shrieked across  the air. Silence ensued..

Alma was worried. She stood up. Alma ran. Once she got to the there, Alma searched. She was looking for a sign of life. There was no one around. Her heart was pounding.” That man,” she thought. “Transformed me. But how?”  Alma was determined to find the strangely kind man’s doll. After all, he did help her. But Alma was also determined to find out who was behind this evil plot to destroy human kind. A scientist maybe? Or possibly a weird human mole or something? Alma had enough of worrying who it was, she wanted to know what the scream was. Just then, another scream burst her eardrums. As Alma ventured through the smashed glass,  the scream got louder. Alma found herself  in a kitchen. The scream was actually an old kettle boiling. “Those clever maniacs.”  She whispered to herself. “The only maniac is you” Giggled a wicked voice. “Who…who said that?” Alma stuttered.

“ME! HE HE HEEEEE” Screamed a witchy figure as she rose. Alma jumped at the sight of the anonymous witch. ZAP!…ZAP!…ZAP!!!! The crazy witch was shooting a fiery acid at Alma. Luckily, she dodged each blast. Once the liquid touched something, it would transform into a plastic figurine. Alma hid in an old closet. She tried to mute her breathing.The witch slid straight past her. A sigh of relief blew into her mind.“Where are you?” Shrieked an evil voice Alma couldn’t stand. She waited for a perfect moment to escape. Now, Alma suggested. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much time to get away. 5 seconds thought Alma as she slowly counted down. 4…3…2… POW! “HE HE HEEEEE” Shrieked the hate-able voice. A blue dash of lightning flashed passed her. Alma ran past. ignoring every blast, Alma looked for a great hiding place.

Imagine a place  where there was no one to talk to (except maniacs); no family; lost for life:This is poor Alma’s final chapter. Now, Alma was running(a lot) with lightning strikes flying past her. After roughly 9 minutes, she came to a dead end. There was no way out. Alma managed to dodge a lot of blasts…POW!! Her body dropped to the ground. “HE HE HEEE”


As I marched away, I heard a door creak open. I turned my head to see the shop door slightly ajar. I smiled. I pushed the door, enabling me to get in. Suddenly, a shiver ran down my spine. Anxious, my eyes searched around every shelf. A whole room full of dolls was not my thing. At last, I found the doll. It was stood on a podium in the middle of the room. As I crept over, the door crept shut . I was trapped…

A huge racket occurred. I looked down to see a wooden carved puppet sat on an old penny farthing. He had a dark patch of hair and a friendly look in his eye. His legs raced trying to speed away. He sped towards the door and started bumping into it.

I looked back to see that the doll had disappeared. I was worried: eyes searching; arms flapping wildly; heart racing. As I searched frantically, I caught a glimpse of the clone doll. It was on a high shelf. I wondered how it got up there. I climbed onto a wooden chair. (that so helpfully happened to be there.) I used my mouth to remove my glove. I spread out my arm. I was about to touch it…

I gently touched the nose. Darkness ensued. Unsure,  I blinked. What had happened? As my eyes shot around the room, I realized that I was the doll. Petrified, an uneasy thought shot through me: breathing heavily; heart pounding; blood racing. Then I saw all the other doll’s eyes blinking. I noticed they’d all been possessed too. Slowly, another doll rose. It had scarlet red hair , a flowery dress( that was also red) and pale skin. “Oh no.” I thought. It could have been an endless circle. Suddenly, I knew. I would never get home…