The awakening! Chapter 5

“Yes, I will..” Callum replied
“Good, thanks. Bro.” Jack answered with a small grin on his face.
Callum started to grin as well as his brother. They walked to the huge door that kept people out of the map room. “Your first run starts in 2 hours,” Jack spoke “You will be going to the small area out of the death zone. Just to warn you it’s one of the most dangerous place in this place…” As Callum looked down towards the dead body of what was a beautiful girl he said in a very sarcastic voice “Well you just had to bring that up didn’t Ya” they both walked out the steel door and into a door way just behind the entrance to the outside area. “This is were you, AND ONLY YOU! Mark were you found thing and how much you found, ok?” Jack asked with another grin on his face. Then Jack started talking again “But your the only one who goes over the 5 mile mark, no one and if I here if you bringing anyone and I mean this, you’ll be the ‘zombies’ next treat!”

After about 1 hour and a few minutes all the runner got together in the small map room and talked about the route until Callum came in a started talking about how they were going on one of the largest runs they’ve probably ran in their life. Then he said that he’ll be the only one going to what Jack called before he went into the map room ‘Zombie lane’ but he shouldn’t have as one of the runner started to question how he was running that far even though he had never been doing this job and hadn’t even ran for that long after waking up in the ‘Box’. All of a sudden argument broke out and that made the deputy keeper ran of and shouted as he did so ‘I’ll go do this on my own!!!” Everyone got so scared how they’d just lost one of the best people in the ‘safe haven’. After he ran about 9 people followed him and then shouted to him or so that’s what Callum thought “We’re coming, wait up!” Then he realised he had just deleted some of the best runners of the system. Callum then walked over to the nearest chair, put his head down in shame then sat down. “What have I done?” He questioned as his head came up and then at that moment a tear rolled down his deeply depressed face. “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” He screamed in complete anger and agony “WHY?”
What has happened…?

The Baby Brother Cleaning Machine!!!!!


After weeks of tolerating unwanted baby odors, I decided to create a Baby Brother cleaning machine. So, how does it work?

First the machine is activated when when its smell sensor detects human baby odors that are higher than normal. The machine’s activation causes soft music to play. A dummy emerges from the machine and is placed into the baby’s mouth.  This causes the little human to calm down.

When the baby has settled down, a padded claw reaches down onto the fragile creature. The mechanical object brings the baby to a bath. This enables the cleaning process to begin. Once the baby is in the bath, the hot water begins to run. This means that the baby is ready for the soap stage.

Finally, the youth encounters the drying stage. The baby is raised so that the hot air can reach all parts of its body. After 5 minutes, the baby is dry, clean and placed into a harness. This means that the nappy can be put on. Once the nappy is on, the baby is placed onto a pressure plate. This de-activates the system.

This is how the baby brother cleaning machine works.

The Bear and the Hare


The bear strolled through the forest of brown, orange, yellow and red. As the Hare sat on the bear’s back, a snowflake dropped from the sky and, like an angel, tapped the bear’s nose softly. Then the bear yawned and the hare’s ears dropped to the floor as her eyes started to fill with salty tears.


Glancing towards the Christmas tree, the hare looked at his friend and knew the time had come. During winter each year the hare knew that his friend had to leave him for the entire season.


When winter came the hare tried to show the bear how special Christmas was but the bear refused and walked away into the distance through the white ice, the hare’s ears dropped once again then became heart broken.

The bear went to hibernate in his dark damp cave and the snow got harder and harder. Days went by until the hare came just before Christmas and put a present in the bears cave and leaped away.

On Christmas day the hare glanced at everyone opening there presents in a family, she frowned. Crying, the hare had no hope that the bear was coming but just before the end of Christmas. Bear smiled like never before to see Christmas. The hare jumped on the soft brown back of the bear and everyone else cuddled up to bear and were all happy the end .

The Bear and the Hare

Causally strolling through the forest, the bear and the hare searched for their friends. After two hours, they realised they still had a long way to go. The autumn leaves fell from the tall trees and the bear stamped through the damp ground. Comfortably, the grey hare sat on the large bear’s back as they chatted to one another about how the seasons were changing.

As a single snowflake fell on the bear’s nose, the hare’s eyes filled with tears. heart broken the hare’s ears fell behind him like a feather. Falling down one by one the snow started to cover the surface with a white coat.

Glancing towards the Christmas tree, the hare looked at the bear and knew the time had come. The hare new it was hibernation time for the bear and that meant no Christmas for the bear again.

The bear gradually turned around and walked into the mist.With every footstep the bear moved further away the more the hare’s heart shattered into smaller pieces.Eyes watering, the hare’s eyes followed the bear could no more.

The Bear and the Hare

The Bear and Hare were trudging on the cold frosty floor. As they were walking the  leaves would crinkle underneath the bears paws.  Suddenly they stopped and the hare jumped off the bears chocolate brown back.  The hare knew that the time had come.  It was Christmas.  Next a white sparkly snowflake fell from the angry grey sky and melted away on the bears big black nose.  He stretched and gave a huge yawn as the hares eyes filled with warm salty tears.

Glaring at the Christmas tree the Hare stared at her friend in the distance.  As the Hare went off to find her buddy.  When the hare looked back at the Christmas tree it became a tall sparkly blur.  Unfortunately for hare when she looked back her best friend had vanished.

The bear was asleep all day and night.  He slept through the guilt of abandoning his friend for Christmas.  Then along came the hare and she had a small gift wrapped up in a crissum red tissue paper and a emerald green bow.

As all the animals were opening their presents underneath the Christmas tree.  The only present hare wanted was her friend to be there with her to celebrate Christmas.  To hares surprise bear was standing right behind her.  The bear was stunned to see massive tree covered top to bottom in golden lights that flashed constantly and the red and silver baubles hanging off the branches on the tree.  Now bear would never  forget another Christmas thanks to the little gift hare got him.  It was a silver ridged alarm clock.

Hare’s heart broken for Christmas?!

After a glistening snowflake hit a well known brown bear, the large animal knew it was time for hibernation.

On the 22nd December a large bear was walking without a care in the world through the wet, frosty and cold forest of Glentress. When doing so a small snow hare rode the brown bears rough and coloured back.

a witness stated that “After a trip through the snowy and cold Glentress the bear took a quick peek at a huge Christmas tree. But then he faced backwards, yawned then walked off into the misty forest of rocks, bikers and trees.” – Liam the hunter.

After the bear hibernated for about 2 days the heroic hare whose heart was broken brought a small parcel that was wrapped in red and blue striped wrapping paper . Inside was a clock that would go off at 6:30 AM on the 25th of December. The hare gave a bear whose never has a Christmas, the best Christmas ever.

“My heart was so warm…” – The hare.


The Bear And The Hare

As the two unlikely friends ambled through the damp forest, the bear and the hare searched slowly for their animal buddies. The forest was covered in colourful autumn leaves. As they walked, a soft white snowflake fell onto bear’s nose. He suddenly sat down and yawned widely.

They came across a huge Christmas tree which was being decorated by the other animals. Without any hesitation, hare bounced off and gazed in wonder. Everyone had come to life. He looked sadly at bear as he yawned yet again . But this time, it wasn’t  so wide.

They went off back into the forest, however this time the bear didn’t care. He went into his cave to hibernate. He slept for ages. Hare didn’t want bear to miss out, so he gave him a thoughtful gift.

Bear woke to the sound of the other animals opening their presents. Slowly, he wandered out of his cave to the huge tree. after a while, he finally got to the hill overlooking the sun-swept valley. it illuminated his face so everyone could see him.The hare looked in confusement. He thought bear was going to hibernate all winter. How the times had changed. But the hare was overjoyed. The two friends  were re-united at last for the last moments of Christmas day. From then on, the bear never missed another winter ever again. He was always there. This was because the gift  hare had given him was an alarm clock. How thoughtful.


the bear and the hare

Two friends the bear and the hare were going to the holy tree in the middle of the forest whilst wondering why the trees are so bare with leaves crunching under there feet they came to a stop.  The bear saw a single snowflake in the corner of his eye hovering down like a ballerina the hare dropped his ears followed by his head but they carried on going. 

 After they climbed the hill they sore the Christmas tree and the bear knew it was time to go so he ran away into the trees. The hare knew when he doesn’t say goodbye he is gone for a long time.

The hare knew what he is doing and were but he is not going with out the perfect present for his first Christmas that he’s going to be a wake for.

heartbroken he arrived at his cave with the present in hand well paw he put it in his cave. It became Christmas day and there was no sign of bear until everyone started clapping and there bear was standing up high on his back to legs.

the bear and the hare Christmas story

casually strolling through the wood the bear and the hare where on there way to the Christmas tree like they do every year. Suddenly! The bear began to yarn the  hare knew what was going to happen but as the hare walk off in to the mist hare knew what to get bear for Christmas when he wakes up from hibernation it was Christmas eve when hare delivered the present to bear.

the next day bear still wasn’t there but as the sun rose from the hills bear aped as he tumbled down the hill he remember what hare gave to him a alarm clock.

The Bear and the Hare

Casually strolling through the green forest the bear and hare searched for their  friends.As the leaves fell on the brown big bear as the hare was talking about Christmas but the bare doesn’t know anything about Christmas.

As a single snowflake fell on the bear nose the hare as the bear fell back on the ground  and is little brown ears fell back as the hare slid off the bare.A loud yawn he was tired they was near the end of the forest not that far. The hare got back on the bear as they started walking.

Glancing   towards  the Christmas tree the hare looked at his friends now the time had come as they stared at the Christmas tree all the animals enjoyed putting the Christmas decorations up and the lights up.

lots of animals gathered under the Christmas tree talking. As soon as the bare walked past the big Christmas tree and up the hill.The hare was left alone as a tear dropped down the bear looked back and the hare looked at the bear the hare went back to the Christmas tree.