The awakening. Chapter 4

It was a maze of what looked to be the area close to them. “Why is there so much yellow bits, I’m guessing it’s all sand?” Callum said in a questionable voice. Jack moved with a very large grin. “Yeah, but it’s not a maze. Just a area that looks like one.”
“What if it is a maze?”
“You questioning me, first of all I am your brother and I’ve been here the longest!!!” Jack said in a very angry, loud voice. All of a sudden the door they had opened flew open. Someone walked through, slowly she asked what they were doing. She then fell to the floor and started to say “KILL ME, I’ve got it…”
“No Alisha, NO!” Jack shouted in terror.
“What does she mean by it? Why is she asking to be killed? WHY” Callum asked in a mildly scared voice. “She has got… got… the… BELL”
“The bell?” Callum questioned
“It’ll kill you…” Jack said in a very quite voice “Slowly and painfully, it’s worst then death, a lot worst.” Jack walked over to a cabinet and opened it. Inside was a gun. Jack loaded it, then ‘bang’…

All of a sudden Jack kneeled down and started to murmur “Why, our best scout, DEAD! No, we can’t be falling apart.”  His eyes started to water,
“Why do you mean by, ‘Falling apart’?”
“Recently our best men have gone, well and girls, like John our cook. Our Deputy leader, Jake. Well of course Alisha the keeper of the scavenger or some people call them ‘Runners’.”
“Do you want to be the keeper of the runners, bro?”

What should Callum say?

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  • No (33%, 6 Votes)

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