The Baby Brother Cleaning Machine!!!!!


After weeks of tolerating unwanted baby odors, I decided to create a Baby Brother cleaning machine. So, how does it work?

First the machine is activated when when its smell sensor detects human baby odors that are higher than normal. The machine’s activation causes soft music to play. A dummy emerges from the machine and is placed into the baby’s mouth. ┬áThis causes the little human to calm down.

When the baby has settled down, a padded claw reaches down onto the fragile creature. The mechanical object brings the baby to a bath. This enables the cleaning process to begin. Once the baby is in the bath, the hot water begins to run. This means that the baby is ready for the soap stage.

Finally, the youth encounters the drying stage. The baby is raised so that the hot air can reach all parts of its body. After 5 minutes, the baby is dry, clean and placed into a harness. This means that the nappy can be put on. Once the nappy is on, the baby is placed onto a pressure plate. This de-activates the system.

This is how the baby brother cleaning machine works.

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