The Bear and the Hare


The bear strolled through the forest of brown, orange, yellow and red. As the Hare sat on the bear’s back, a snowflake dropped from the sky and, like an angel, tapped the bear’s nose softly. Then the bear yawned and the hare’s ears dropped to the floor as her eyes started to fill with salty tears.


Glancing towards the Christmas tree, the hare looked at his friend and knew the time had come. During winter each year the hare knew that his friend had to leave him for the entire season.


When winter came the hare tried to show the bear how special Christmas was but the bear refused and walked away into the distance through the white ice, the hare’s ears dropped once again then became heart broken.

The bear went to hibernate in his dark damp cave and the snow got harder and harder. Days went by until the hare came just before Christmas and put a present in the bears cave and leaped away.

On Christmas day the hare glanced at everyone opening there presents in a family, she frowned. Crying, the hare had no hope that the bear was coming but just before the end of Christmas. Bear smiled like never before to see Christmas. The hare jumped on the soft brown back of the bear and everyone else cuddled up to bear and were all happy the end .

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