The Bear and the Hare

The Bear and Hare were trudging on the cold frosty floor. As they were walking the  leaves would crinkle underneath the bears paws.  Suddenly they stopped and the hare jumped off the bears chocolate brown back.  The hare knew that the time had come.  It was Christmas.  Next a white sparkly snowflake fell from the angry grey sky and melted away on the bears big black nose.  He stretched and gave a huge yawn as the hares eyes filled with warm salty tears.

Glaring at the Christmas tree the Hare stared at her friend in the distance.  As the Hare went off to find her buddy.  When the hare looked back at the Christmas tree it became a tall sparkly blur.  Unfortunately for hare when she looked back her best friend had vanished.

The bear was asleep all day and night.  He slept through the guilt of abandoning his friend for Christmas.  Then along came the hare and she had a small gift wrapped up in a crissum red tissue paper and a emerald green bow.

As all the animals were opening their presents underneath the Christmas tree.  The only present hare wanted was her friend to be there with her to celebrate Christmas.  To hares surprise bear was standing right behind her.  The bear was stunned to see massive tree covered top to bottom in golden lights that flashed constantly and the red and silver baubles hanging off the branches on the tree.  Now bear would never  forget another Christmas thanks to the little gift hare got him.  It was a silver ridged alarm clock.

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