the bear and the hare

Two friends the bear and the hare were going to the holy tree in the middle of the forest whilst wondering why the trees are so bare with leaves crunching under there feet they came to a stop.  The bear saw a single snowflake in the corner of his eye hovering down like a ballerina the hare dropped his ears followed by his head but they carried on going. 

 After they climbed the hill they sore the Christmas tree and the bear knew it was time to go so he ran away into the trees. The hare knew when he doesn’t say goodbye he is gone for a long time.

The hare knew what he is doing and were but he is not going with out the perfect present for his first Christmas that he’s going to be a wake for.

heartbroken he arrived at his cave with the present in hand well paw he put it in his cave. It became Christmas day and there was no sign of bear until everyone started clapping and there bear was standing up high on his back to legs.

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