The Bear And The Hare

As the two unlikely friends ambled through the damp forest, the bear and the hare searched slowly for their animal buddies. The forest was covered in colourful autumn leaves. As they walked, a soft white snowflake fell onto bear’s nose. He suddenly sat down and yawned widely.

They came across a huge Christmas tree which was being decorated by the other animals. Without any hesitation, hare bounced off and gazed in wonder. Everyone had come to life. He looked sadly at bear as he yawned yet again . But this time, it wasn’t  so wide.

They went off back into the forest, however this time the bear didn’t care. He went into his cave to hibernate. He slept for ages. Hare didn’t want bear to miss out, so he gave him a thoughtful gift.

Bear woke to the sound of the other animals opening their presents. Slowly, he wandered out of his cave to the huge tree. after a while, he finally got to the hill overlooking the sun-swept valley. it illuminated his face so everyone could see him.The hare looked in confusement. He thought bear was going to hibernate all winter. How the times had changed. But the hare was overjoyed. The two friends  were re-united at last for the last moments of Christmas day. From then on, the bear never missed another winter ever again. He was always there. This was because the gift  hare had given him was an alarm clock. How thoughtful.


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