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Hugo Cabret Review

Title: The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
Author: Brian Selznick
Genre: Fiction
Main Characters:

Hugo: The main Character of the story and he goes on  an adventure to unlock the secret of the Automation. He is an orphan and he lives in an secret apartment in a train station Paris. He normally  ware’s a green top an black trousers.

Isabelle: She is another orphan and she lives with her god parents and she meets Hugo and helps him discover the secret behind the Automation. She ware’s a red dress and a cardigan.

Papa George: He is Isabelle’s god father and he owns a toy shop in the train station he is very good at magic tricks. He doesn’t really like Hugo at the beginning.

Plot of the story:
Hugo, an adventurous young boy, he lives in the train station and he has to steal to survive. His dad has died and his uncle is an alcoholic and he doesn’t know how to look after a child. He leaves so Hugo is alone or is he…

I would recommend this book for ages 8+ because the story is a bit confusing.

I would rate this book 6/10


Hugo cabret

Author: Brian Selznick

main characters(Description)

Hugo: a boy with a couple friends and fixes a lot of clocks. his dad got killed in a fire. A thief. workes for papa gorges.

Isabelle: short brown hair Hugo is her best friend. And papa gorges is her papa.

papa gorges: workes in a toy booth and he is Isabelle’s papa

automation:a broken machine

plot of story: Hugo tries to steel from the toy booth and gets caught and find out that papa gorges and works at the toy booth

no because it was not very intresting




AUTHOR: Brian Selznick

GENRE: Fiction

MAIN CHARACTERS: Hugo and Isabel -Hugo is a mysterious character that loves clocks and fixing things.- Isabel is sensible and doesn’t like to get to trouble and she lives with papa George her god father –  Hugo and Isabel are orphans and Hugo’s dad died in a fire.

PLOT THE STORY: Hugo and his dad lived in a train station. Hugo’s dad found a robot and every day he would try and fix it. One day  there was a fire and Hugo’s dad was in there and he died …….

I would recommend this book because it is exiting and mysterious. I would recommend this book to 9+

RATING: I would rate this book 4/5


Hugo Cabret book review

Title: The invention of Hugo Cabret.

Author: Brian Selznick.

Genre: Fiction

Main characters (Description): Hugo lives in a train station clock after the tragic death of his father. Hugo is adventurous and brave. Isabelle (Hugo’s friend) is cautious, loves to read and lives with her god parents after her parents died in a car crash. Isabelle has a god father called Papa George, Papa George is a famous movie maker but his movies mysteriously disappeared over the years.

plot of the story: Hugo’s dad found a machine in the attic of a museum and showed Hugo. one day a fire breaks out in the museum and burnt down the museum along with his dad so Hugo moved into the clock with his uncle. but his uncle left and never came back.

Recommend: I would recommend this book for 9 year olds an up.

Rating: I would rate this book 4/5.

Like/Dislike: I like this book because it is interesting and adventurous.

Hugo Cabret book reveiw

Title: The invention of Hugo Cabret.

Author: Brain Selznick.

Main characters (description):Hugo is a little boy who lives in a busy train station clock after the tragic death of his father he wears tatty old clothes and lives by himself. Isabelle (Hugo’s friend) loves to read she lives with her god parents after her parents died in a car crash and helps Hugo when he needs it. Papa George used to be very famous until war came then he had too much competition and had to stop. Then his work disappeared.

Genre: It is a fiction book.

Plot of the story: Hugo’s dad finds a machine tries fixing it but dies whist at the museum. Hugo is left alone. The his uncle steps in to look after him at the station but after a while disappeared Hugo goes back to the ruins of the museum and finds the machine he starts fixing it.

I would recommend this story for year 4 and up because years younger might not get the story as it is quit complicated.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 because it is an interesting story.

I like this book as it is suitable for my age and there are a lot of secrets that are told.

Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret Book Cover The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick
Children's stories
Scholastic Press

This book is about a boy who lives in a Paris train station and his survival depends on stealing food and water. The first big climax is when his father dies in the train station because of a fire. Then he tries to fix the automaton but does he succeed? Read the book to find out what happens! I love the amazingly drawn pictures within this book and the front cover as it makes you want to read on. The book itself is very descriptive and I loved reading it.

Adventure of Hugo Cabret

Author Brian Selznick

Characters: Automaton, Hugo, Isabelle, Etienne etc.

The story is about a few orphans(people without families). one of them is about a curious little boy named Hugo Cabret who lost his father to a deadly fire which forced him to move with his uncle who worked on clocks in a train station but before all that his father had found a mini robot called the automaton which was a mini figure that was used to do all sorts of things draw and also a bit of magic his father was dedicated to fixing it because it didn’t work he found it inside a museums attic  a few days later he lost his father to the fire as you already know but you don’t know that the automaton didn’t turn to ashes and Hugo found it and moved in with his uncle in the train station who one day didn’t come back.

Isabelle is also a orphan who lives with  her godfather and eventually meets Hugo because of a incident that happened with her god father papa George. keep in mind that Hugo is a thief so that may or may not be part of the incident.

Hugo Cabret review

hugo cabret
brian selznick



Main characters:

Hugo:He has no family and hides in a clock

Isabelle: young girl lives with her her grandpa

Pa pa George:Old man

Plot of story:

There is a small boy called Hugo all he had left was his father until he sadly died in a fire so Hugo decided to carry on his fathers machine.

i recommend this book to year 4 and over so then they understand.

I like this book because it is slightly tense at times.

I rate this 4 stars



Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick

main characters:

Hugo, Etienne, Automaton, Isabelle

Plot of the story:

Hugo’s father died in a horrible fire, Hugo recovers a robot from the rubble called the Automaton. Hugo repaired it. A man called Georges Melies took Hugo’s notebook and Hugo had to work for it all day and all night. When he got the book back he turned the Automaton on and it wrote a note, it said Georges melies which is his friends father.

I recommend this book to ages 7+

I like this book because its interesting.

Hugo book review

Title: The invention of Hugo Cabret

Author: Brian Selznick

Main characters, (Description)

Hugo: Lived in a train station, he lives by stealing food from the trays outside the restaurants.

Automaton: He is a broken robot that Hugo and his dad are trying to fix.

Papa Georges: He works at a toy booth and has 1 secret he doesn’t want to share.

Plot of the story:

Hugo lived in a train station in Paris. He lived with his dad and their trying to fix a robot called the Automaton. they live by sneaking around and getting food without being caught. His dad goes to work at a museum and one day there was a fire and that was the end of Hugo’s father. Hugo stole mechanical pieces from the toy booth and one day he got caught. He got put in the station inspectors prison but Hugo managed to get the keys and escape it. He fell into someone’s back and Hugo fell into the train track when the train was coming and someone pulled him out the way.

I would recommend it to a friend because I think is a great book.