Adventure of Hugo Cabret

Author Brian Selznick

Characters: Automaton, Hugo, Isabelle, Etienne etc.

The story is about a few orphans(people without families). one of them is about a curious little boy named Hugo Cabret who lost his father to a deadly fire which forced him to move with his uncle who worked on clocks in a train station but before all that his father had found a mini robot called the automaton which was a mini figure that was used to do all sorts of things draw and also a bit of magic his father was dedicated to fixing it because it didn’t work he found it inside a museums attic  a few days later he lost his father to the fire as you already know but you don’t know that the automaton didn’t turn to ashes and Hugo found it and moved in with his uncle in the train station who one day didn’t come back.

Isabelle is also a orphan who lives with  her godfather and eventually meets Hugo because of a incident that happened with her god father papa George. keep in mind that Hugo is a thief so that may or may not be part of the incident.

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