Hugo Cabret book reveiw

Title: The invention of Hugo Cabret.

Author: Brain Selznick.

Main characters (description):Hugo is a little boy who lives in a busy train station clock after the tragic death of his father he wears tatty old clothes and lives by himself. Isabelle (Hugo’s friend) loves to read she lives with her god parents after her parents died in a car crash and helps Hugo when he needs it. Papa George used to be very famous until war came then he had too much competition and had to stop. Then his work disappeared.

Genre: It is a fiction book.

Plot of the story: Hugo’s dad finds a machine tries fixing it but dies whist at the museum. Hugo is left alone. The his uncle steps in to look after him at the station but after a while disappeared Hugo goes back to the ruins of the museum and finds the machine he starts fixing it.

I would recommend this story for year 4 and up because years younger might not get the story as it is quit complicated.

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 because it is an interesting story.

I like this book as it is suitable for my age and there are a lot of secrets that are told.