Hugo Cabret review

hugo cabret
brian selznick



Main characters:

Hugo:He has no family and hides in a clock

Isabelle: young girl lives with her her grandpa

Pa pa George:Old man

Plot of story:

There is a small boy called Hugo all he had left was his father until he sadly died in a fire so Hugo decided to carry on his fathers machine.

i recommend this book to year 4 and over so then they understand.

I like this book because it is slightly tense at times.

I rate this 4 stars


Frankies magic football
Frank lampard

This book is about a boy called Kyle and he is worried… He cant survive¬†without his ball, his dog always barks at anything.Kyle and his friend with his family unfortunately he didn’t have anything to play with. So¬†they all played hind and seek it…

It would be recommended to children who is 6+