Hugo cabret

Author: Brian Selznick

main characters(Description)

Hugo: a boy with a couple friends and fixes a lot of clocks. his dad got killed in a fire. A thief. workes for papa gorges.

Isabelle: short brown hair Hugo is her best friend. And papa gorges is her papa.

papa gorges: workes in a toy booth and he is Isabelle’s papa

automation:a broken machine

plot of story: Hugo tries to steel from the toy booth and gets caught and find out that papa gorges and works at the toy booth

no because it was not very intresting


Mayas secret

Maya's Secret Book Cover Maya's Secret
Holly Webb
Children's stories

The first of four fabulous books for 9+ girls about friendship in an environmentally challenged world. Researching her school project on fair-trade has been a real eye-opener for Maya.

This book is about a girl called Maya who had gone to a new school but hated keeping secrets from friends. One day she had a new idea for a class project but then she has to tell everyone who she really is.

That also will change every thing……….

But the thing is can Maya be a real good friend and tell  them secret.

I recommend you read this book  because it is a very tempting story about secrets.