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Hugo book review

Title: The invention of Hugo Cabret

Author: Brian Selznick

Main characters, (Description)

Hugo: Lived in a train station, he lives by stealing food from the trays outside the restaurants.

Automaton: He is a broken robot that Hugo and his dad are trying to fix.

Papa Georges: He works at a toy booth and has 1 secret he doesn’t want to share.

Plot of the story:

Hugo lived in a train station in Paris. He lived with his dad and their trying to fix a robot called the Automaton. they live by sneaking around and getting food without being caught. His dad goes to work at a museum and one day there was a fire and that was the end of Hugo’s father. Hugo stole mechanical pieces from the toy booth and one day he got caught. He got put in the station inspectors prison but Hugo managed to get the keys and escape it. He fell into someone’s back and Hugo fell into the train track when the train was coming and someone pulled him out the way.

I would recommend it to a friend because I think is a great book.