Great book

The Invention of Hugo Cabret Book Cover The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Brian Selznick
Children's stories
Scholastic Press


Twelve year old Hugo Cabret lives in a over-crowded Paris train station and is a professional thief and clock keeper. He embarks on the biggest adventure of his life but all he has left of his family are a note book and a broken piece of machinery . What secrets do you have? and if so…are they safe?

The Invention of Hugo Cabret was written by Brian Selznick.                                                 In my opinion I thought the book was amazing. When you read his adventures you almost think that you are in the book with him and his friends but to be honest with you the end was anti-climatic. Read the book and find out more.

brilliant read

Four of Diamonds Book Cover Four of Diamonds
Diamond brothers
Anthony Horowitz
Children's stories

A bind-up of four Diamond Brothers stories in one volume. Nick diamond is a thirteen year old boy living in London with the dumbest 23 year old ever.

As I have just said in the title these books in this series are absolutely amazing. It has some absolutely outstanding comedy *spoiler alert up ahead* like this joke “the times said you were a banker.” NOW that was a misprint. As you have just seen the comedy is quite rude but that makes it even better. I have really enjoyed this/these books and I highly recommend this or the whole series of books!!!! It is about a privet detective and his younger brother Nick. The privet detective is very dim so his younger brother cracks the case…every time. It is highly recommend them to you comedy lovers.