Dorky Girls… This book is for you.

Pop Star Book Cover Pop Star
Rachel Renee Russell
Children's stories
Simon & Schuster Children's

Let the spotlight showdown commence... Nikki Maxwell's school is holding a talent competition and Nikki can't wait to start practising dance moves with her BFFs, Chloe and Zoey, with her singing skills! But then Nikki finds out that her arch-nemesis, MacKenzie, is entering the contest too, and she's determined to steal the spotlight from Nikki and her friends. Can a dork like Nikki take on the most popular girl in school and win?

I really enjoyed this book because it had a lot of funny bits nearly in every page. However her little sister Brianna is a little Rascal.  Brianna gives Nikki a horrible time at home and she also makes Nikki super duper annoyed I hope you will enjoy reading this book.


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