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A Crumpety Calamity Book Cover A Crumpety Calamity
Jo Simmons
Children's stories

Perfect for fans of the MR GUM (Egmont) books. Quirky black-and-white line illustrations throughout as well as fun activity sheets at the back. Can crumpets be cool? When Bobby's dad becomes the manager of the local crumpet factory, Bobby thinks his moving worries are at last over. He likes it here on Pip Street, especially now he has found a new best friend in fizzy Imelda from next door. Except crumpets are boring! And no one is buying them. Unless someone (and I bet it'll have to be Bobby) comes up with a fantabulous plan to make crumpets more interesting, Bobby's dad might lose his job and that means ... uh-oh ... moving again. And who's that even newer boy across the street acting like he's better than everyone else, and making eyes at Imelda and trying to be her best friend instead? Looks like there's a crumpety calamity on Pip Street! Keep your eyes peeled for more PIP STREET adventures: A WHISKERY MYSTERY (9781407132815)

This book is fantastic! it is great if you want a book with lots of humour. It is about a boy called bobby cobbler, who’s  dad works at the local crumpet factory. when a crumpet competition unleashes in town, bobby tries to win. unfortunately, some else wants the victory. Pompey pasty. Bobby’s  tries to stop his friend (Imelda) hanging out with    pompey. read it to find out even more..,. definitely recommended.

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