Hugo Cabret

Title: The Invention Of Hugo Cabret

Author: Brian Selznick

Genre: Fiction

Main Characters:

Hugo Cabret: Hugo is an orphan, he is a young boy with longish hair which is brown. He wears a blue blazer with black trousers. he is the main character and he goes on an adventure to unlock the secret automaton.

Isabelle: Isabelle is a nice little, young girl with hair going to just under her ears. She wears a red dress with a little cardigan, and she is Hugo’s friend.

papa George: George is Isabelle’s god father, and he owns a toy store in the train station. he is also very good at magic tricks. He wears a black blazer and black trousers.

Plot of the story: Hugo is an adventures young boy who lives in the train station and then something happens and he’s left alone  with his uncle which is an alcoholic. He tries to fix what was left behind. Hugo had a notebook that got stolen by someone. What happens next?

Recommend: Yes because its a good book for someone who likes adventurous books. I would recommend this book to any ages.

Star Rating: 7/10

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