Hugo Cabret book review

Title: The invention of Hugo Cabret.

Author: Brian Selznick.

Genre: Fiction

Main characters (Description): Hugo lives in a train station clock after the tragic death of his father. Hugo is adventurous and brave. Isabelle (Hugo’s friend) is cautious, loves to read and lives with her god parents after her parents died in a car crash. Isabelle has a god father called Papa George, Papa George is a famous movie maker but his movies mysteriously disappeared over the years.

plot of the story: Hugo’s dad found a machine in the attic of a museum and showed Hugo. one day a fire breaks out in the museum and burnt down the museum along with his dad so Hugo moved into the clock with his uncle. but his uncle left and never came back.

Recommend: I would recommend this book for 9 year olds an up.

Rating: I would rate this book 4/5.

Like/Dislike: I like this book because it is interesting and adventurous.

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