Hugo Cabret Review

Title: The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
Author: Brian Selznick
Genre: Fiction
Main Characters:

Hugo: The main Character of the story and he goes on  an adventure to unlock the secret of the Automation. He is an orphan and he lives in an secret apartment in a train station Paris. He normally  ware’s a green top an black trousers.

Isabelle: She is another orphan and she lives with her god parents and she meets Hugo and helps him discover the secret behind the Automation. She ware’s a red dress and a cardigan.

Papa George: He is Isabelle’s god father and he owns a toy shop in the train station he is very good at magic tricks. He doesn’t really like Hugo at the beginning.

Plot of the story:
Hugo, an adventurous young boy, he lives in the train station and he has to steal to survive. His dad has died and his uncle is an alcoholic and he doesn’t know how to look after a child. He leaves so Hugo is alone or is he…

I would recommend this book for ages 8+ because the story is a bit confusing.

I would rate this book 6/10


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