Lawrence is back

Fat Lawrence Book Cover Fat Lawrence
Dick King-Smith
Puffin Books

Laurence Higgins, an enormously fat black cat, has breakfast with Mrs Higgins, lunch with the Normans, tea with old Mr Mason and supper with the Barclay-Lloyds. None of them know why he is so fat on just one meal a day! Lawrence is happy until he finds the walking from house to house tiring and begins to get indigestion. His friends tell him to lose weight if he wants a girl friend so he begins to spend one day in four with all his owners. He gets thinner but the cat he fancies down the road tells him she doesn't like slim boys - she's lost her heart to an enormously fat black cat she used to see up the road! Triumphantly Lawrence returns to his four meals a day, spurred on by the thought of meeting Bella when he's back to his normal size.

This book is entertaining because its good for children that are not that good at reading because there is only 60 pages. Dick king smith is my favourite author but you mite not like it. Thought not everybody likes all books but you if your 9 or bellow you will 100% like this one. Its got a fair amount of pages so its worth every penny. The book is about a cat who has 12 different homes and goes to each one every day to eat and eat and eat it goes on for a while until he turns fat and his friends tell him about the girl cat down to road so goes on a diet find out more by reading the book it gets super interesting. So will you read it? Its only £3:99 what a great deal its a really good buy it and read you will love it. Trust me.:)

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