Home Learning

It's been a while since we shared the things that people have been learning at home but there has been lots of great work sent in over the past few days. Many of you have been involved in art and craft activities and we loved looking at these ones which included sewing, cross stitch, making a vehicle out of tubes, an aquarium made from a plastic bottle and one person who presented this week's spelling list through 'quilling'!

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Many of you have continued to share your scientific investigations and write ups. We had some lovely work on plant habitats...

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... some great presentations about healthy eating...

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... and some fantastic physics based investigations. This family investigated forces, specifically the centre of gravity and how bridges can support weight...


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Some of you also sent in historical timelines. Very well done!

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Here is a selection of the best of the rest. Look out for the videos hidden amongst the pictures including one person's suggestions for books to read. Keep emailing us examples of the cool things you've been doing. Send them to homelearning@wintonprimary.bournemouth.sch.uk



Wow! 5EH what amazing work from you!
Tamsin, I love your work on biomes. Did you remember much from the beginning of the year? Your work is beautifully presented.
Larissa, what an amazing idea to create such positive words from your quilling. We should do some of those to put in the base for next year.
Zaid, as always you have done so much work! I can't wait to see how well you can do in Year 6!

Super effort this week Harry and Megan. It is super to see the variety of activities you have completed over the past few months. Well done!