Our Film

For one day in October 2021, we filmed what was going on in our school.  We wanted everyone to be able to see the sorts of things children at Winton get up to, as part of their normal school life.  We have worked hard to improve the curriculum, ensure topics are engaging and provide the best opportunities we can for our young learners.  We are proud of what they achieve.  Please take the time to watch our film and let us know what you think!



Amazingly good !!!!!!!

Woo hoo

Great film

I love you winton

Great film ? Makes me want to come to school ??

Winton is an amazing school. Everyone would be so happy to go here. I don't want to ever leave.

What a great film! Really shows the diversity of opportunities you give to our children and how hard you and they all work. Well done and thank you!

I love how i saw mini me!

Hi Diego

AMAZING you put so much hard work into it and it sure did pay off.

I Love it!

well done much more better than the other one

It’s one of the best videos in the world I love it thank you and I think you should do more of these it’s amazing

Amazing great

Winton is the best school ever even if I left I will come to visit

I’ve been to this school for six years and I have not regretted a thing .I love it all of the teachers are lovely people and care so much
Beatrice ,5XC

I have been to this school for 6 years 1 and a half years to go I will miss my teacher because she is leaving!!

This is the best school and I am so glad that I got into it! We do so many amazing subjects and activities. In year 5 we are learning about the English civil war and all of the equiptment they used. Even though I only have 1 year left I would like to thank my best friend connie for always being there for me and being my best friend for 6 years. Finaly, I would like to thank all the amazing teachers for helping kids no matter what level they are on to get better at things and to keep going.

Amazing Video I have a week left of school it really has been a good 7 years at Winton Primary School Now I am w
Looking forward to Year 7 in Bishop Hopefully it is good and wish you luck everyone Bye!

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