Below are details of a proposal and consultation which took place in June and July 2021.  In September 2021 the outcomes and proposal will be considered by the Governing Body and the Headteacher Board of the Regional Schools' Commissioner.  Anyone wishing to make representation to the Headteacher Board can email:

Monday 21st June 2021

Dear All

I am writing to all members of the school community to share an exciting development for Winton Primary School.  For several years the Governing Body have been exploring the options for the school in a changing educational landscape.  As part of this work we have been considering a variety of options for becoming part of a Multi-Academy Trust.

For 5 years the school has been an academy and is a Single Academy Trust.  We have collaborated with other local schools as part of an Umbrella Trust.  The Governing Body has monitored some of the challenges faced by not being part of a Multi-Academy Trust as well as seeing the viability of Umbrella Trusts decrease.

We have also been aware of the need to provide the best possible network of support for our staff and pupils.  Like almost all Bournemouth schools, once we academised, we moved away from Local Authority control and the network that provided.  It was always going to be important to replace that network with the broadest and most effective support we could find.

Having carefully considered a variety of options and carrying out a due diligence exercise the Governing Body are proposing that the school joins The Delta Educational Trust.  Attached to this letter is a consultation document that I would encourage you to read.

You are welcome to attend a consultation meeting which will be held virtually on the 8th July at 4pm for staff and 6pm for parents.  The consultation period is now open and will close at the end of term.  After that time the Governing body will consider responses and views of the whole school community before making a decision.

I will keep you informed of further developments.  If you have any questions or wish to make a response please contact

As ever, thank you for your support of the school

Yours sincerely

Martin Long

Chair of Governors