Home Learning Packs

Home Learning Packs

In September your child will bring home a Reading Pack. We are really keen to develop a love of reading in our children and the more you can read with them the better!

The reading pack consists of-

Leaflet on how to help your child read at home, some pointers for you.

Pointing stick with a googly eye to help them point to the words as they read them.

Rubbish and Treasure game with lists of words that you can support your child to read. Write the words on cut up pieces of paper, your child can then read the word and decide if it is a rubbish word or treasure. They can then put it onto the right picture card- either the bin or the treasure chest.

Tricky truck word cards- words that need to be learnt by sight. Please cut these cards up and stick them up in your child’s room, flash the words at the before you read a story, play games with them etc.

Each week your child will also bring home some Phonics Home Learning, which will consist of some worksheets they can colour in and write on linked to the sounds they have learnt in school. Some weeks they will also bring home a Tricky Word Home Learning sheet, which has some fun activities that you can do with your child to help them learn the tricky word.

In January your child will bring home a Writing pack. By this point in the year we want to encourage all our children to make marks, and begin to write words. The Reception children are now reaching the magical stage where they have learnt all the sounds they need to attempt to write any word! For us, as teachers, it is a wonderful time as we see them really start to fly.

We value any marks that the children make, and would like their writing experiences to continue whilst they are at home. We are sure they will be very proud to show you their wonderful writing on their very own whiteboard!

Our aim is that the children will feel excited and motivated to write as they have a special writing folder, and that you can help and support your child on their journey to becoming writers.

In the pack you will find the following items;

A whiteboard and pen

A cursive handwriting sheet

Number formation sheet

An A5 exercise book

A ‘Speed Sound Sheet’ for phase 2 and 3

A ‘Tricky Word Mat’

Handwriting families sheet


Whiteboards are excellent for early writers. Mistakes are easily removed and they are more fun to use than just pencils and paper! The children use these on a regular basis in school and it is by far the most popular medium of writing for both boys and girls. Any type of writing could be encouraged on these, whether it is a shopping list, a simple sentence or having a go at letters that are challenging to form.

As a school, we teach the children to use cursive handwriting and so have included laminated handwriting sheets for the children to practice letter formation. All lower case letters start in the same place and feature a ‘lead in line’. This type of letter formation enables children to naturally join their writing as they become more confident and experienced.

A ‘Speed Sound Sheet’ and ‘Tricky Word Mat’ are included to be used as a reference for children when they are writing. All the phonemes are included with the Jolly Phonics image. When the children know the sounds and action but cannot remember how it is written, these sheets act as an excellent prompt.

The laminated resources in this pack can be reused. The ink from the pens can be removed most easily with mild household cleaners.

We hope both you and your child will enjoy this resource and look forward to seeing any examples of lovely writing from home that we can add to your child’s Learning Journal. Remember, if your child does anything that makes you say ‘Wow’ we would love to know so that we can celebrate their achievements with them.

Wow points will be given to anyone who brings in their little red writing book with any mark making they have done.