Y2 Learning This Week

Please find below the learning for the week commencing 19th July 2021

1. English

2. Spelling and grammar

3. Maths

4. Science

5. Topic


1. English

This week we will be using the video ‘Something Fishy’ as a writing stimulus and retelling the story.


1. Watch the video ‘Something Fishy’ – Now watch it again and take notes about the story.  Think of nouns, verbs and adjectives that you can use to help make your writing interesting. Use English activity sheet 1 to write down any words you want to include in your story.

Something Fishy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiVkDMLh81w


2.  There is a class flipchart to help you sequence and write your story. Draw a story board and complete English activity sheet 2.


3. Remind yourself of the ‘Something Fishy’ story by watching the video again and using your story board to help you remember the order of events. Now you can use your storyboard to help you as you draft your story. As well as the class flipchart there is also a toolkit below to help you.


4. Check through your draft copy of the story you have written. Have you included lots of detail for the reader?  When you have checked through your draft write it out neatly and draw a picture of your story. 


5. Log on to Letter-join and practise your handwriting formation daily. Make sure your letters are the same size and that ascenders are tall and descenders hang below the line.  https://www.letterjoin.co.uk/(https://www.letterjoin.co.uk/)




2. Spelling and grammar

This week we are looking at the suffix ment.  We can the suffix ment to a verb to make a noun.


1.  Practise writing words ending in ment. Read and complete Spelling activity sheet 1.

Below is a video which shows you lots of words ending in ment. Watch the video below to learn more.


Complete spelling activity sheet 1.


2. Dot and dash the graphemes in the words on spelling activity sheet 2. Watch the videos to help you find out more about dots and dashes (sound buttons).




3. Look at the root words and suffixes. Complete spelling activity sheet 3. Watch the video to find out more about suffixes.



4.  Create your own word search using the words you have been learning this week. Watch the video of Miss Perrett who will show you how to do this. There is a blank word search box below for you to use.



5. Practising writing these high frequency words by using the look, cover, write, check sheet below. Spelling Activity 5 Sheet

found, fox, gave, green, laughed, please, right, school, stop, stopped

You can practise learning your spellings in different way;

  • Write them in sprinkled flour
  • Use chalk and write them on a path
  • Use finger paints
  • Make the letters out of playdough or pasta
  • Write the word in large letters – Cut out each letter – Mix the letters up – Then put the letters back in the correct order

Once you have learnt the spellings, use the words to create your own interesting sentences.




3. Maths

This week we will be looking at capacity and temperature and finding out how to read scales.


1. Litres. Complete maths activity 1 – Below is a video to help you.



2. Four operations with mass. Complete maths activity 2 – Below is a video to help you.



3. Four operations with volume. Complete maths activity 3 – Below is a video to help you.



4. Temperature. Complete maths activity 4. Below is a video to help you.



5. Complete the maths challenge sheets at the bottom of the page. How quickly can you do them? Remember to record your time ready for next week’s challenges. Remember to write the inverse for each calculation. Complete maths activity sheet 5.


4. Science

You can find some beautiful and unusual plants in the Amazon rainforest. Below is a link to an experiment you can try to help you grow your own beautiful coloured plant.



5. Topic

This week we have been looking at art by the artist Rousseau. There is a class flipchart to help you find out more.

Watch the video below to learn more about the artist Rousseau.


 Watch the video below to help you begin to create your own Amazon rainforest jungle scene.