Y3 Learning This Week

Please find below the learning for the week commencing 19th April 2021.

If you are isolating at home this week, here are some activities you can have a go at. These will cover the same objectives as those children who are still in school. 


1. English –  Extended Writing
2. Maths - Fractions
3. Spellings –  'i' sound spelt 'y'
4. Topic - Locations
5. Science - Plants


1. English

This week, you will be completing an extended write. You will be working from a stimulus called Catch It. You will be focusing on writing from one of the character’s points of view in the form of a diary entry. 
Use the PDF lesson files below to show you what you need to do. 

Lesson 1: Speech
For your first lesson, you will need to have a watch of the video, Catch It, and consider how each of the characters are feeling. Remember to properly punctuate your speech and really think about how the character might be feeling at that specific moment. 
Have a look through the PDF and write some properly punctuated speech to explain how you think the characters are feeling. 

Lesson 2: Extended write
Today we will be writing an extended piece of writing based on the stimulus, Catch It. You will be considering how the characters are feeling and writing this into a diary entry. Use the PDF to help you and the diary checklist on the PDF file. 

Lesson 3: To investigate suffixes: -er and –est suffixes (Oak National Academy)

Lesson 4: SPAG

Follow the link to the BBC Bitesize page about prepositions.

Watch the videos, read the information, then have a go at the activities and the quiz.  




2. Maths 

Watch the video for each lesson and then have a go at the lesson worksheet which you can download from the bottom of the page. 

Lesson 1:   Making equal parts

Lesson 2:  Recognise and find a half

Lesson 3: Recognise and find a quarter

Lesson 4: Multiplication

Watch this video to recap multiplying by 8 and then download the worksheet from below.

Lesson 5: Multiplication

Watch this video to recap dividing by 8 and then download the worksheet from below.



3. Spellings 

Lesson 1 - 'i' sound spelt 'y'

Take a look at the website below to find out more about the spelling pattern: 'i' sound spelt 'y'


Have a look at these Year 3 and 4 spelling words: 


Have a go at the Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check sheet from the bottom of this page to practice your spellings.Did you get them right? 

Lesson 2 – Year 3 and 4 words continued
Using the Year 3 / 4 words that you used yesterday, have a go at writing these words in a sentence. It  can be a silly or a sensible sentence.

For an extra challenge – can you write two of the words into one sentence that makes sense? 

Lesson 3 – Scribble spellings
Using the Year 3 / 4 words that you are learning this week, fill in the scribble spellings sheet saved below with all of your spellings or create your own spelling scribble – remember that you can do it in a variety of different colours to make it more exciting. 
For an extra challenge – add in some of the words we were practising in class in the Autumn term or use the list of words in your diary to help you. 

Lesson 4 - Handwriting spelling practise
Download the handwriting spelling sheet from the bottom of this page and practice your spellings.

Lesson 5 – Writing a short story. 
Have a go at using the words to write a short story. You need to include all 6 words, it can be a silly story. 



4.  Topic - Locations

This week we will be continuing to learn about the location of countries and continents.

Visit https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zvsfr82/articles/znm7vk7 , then watch the video and have a go at the quiz at the bottom of the website.



5. Science - Plants 

This week we will be learning about what the requirements are to ensure plants can grow.

Watch the video below and have a go at the activity at the bottom of the webpage.