Y3 Learning This Week

Please find below the learning for the week commencing 19th July 2021.

If you are isolating at home this week, here are some activities you can have a go at. These will cover the same objectives as those children who are still in school. 


1. English
2. Maths
3. Spellings
4. Science 
5. Topic


1. English

Lesson 1: Writing poetry

Our lessons this week will continue from the previous week's learning, with an initial focus on poetry. We will then look at engaging with different texts and how to enhance our comprehension skills.

For our first lesson, we are going to be writing poetry. Watch the video carefully and then try the activity at the end. Don't forget, you can use your mind map from last week's learning to help you with this.


Lesson 2: Engaging with a text

This lesson looks at some of our core comprehension skills. Watch the video on how to engage with a text purposefully and then complete the activity.


Lesson 3: Answering questions on a text (part one)

This lesson develops your abilities to answer questions on a text effectively. This will build on our Reading for RIC skills we have been using in class and should help you refine your answers. 


Lesson 4: Answering questions on a text (part two)

Continuing from yesterday's learning, this lesson will help you answer questions based on a text. If you missed yesterday's lesson, it might be worth watching Lesson 3 first to help you prepare for this. 


Lesson 5: To explore characters

One of the trickiest comprehension activities is exploring characters, whether it is assessing a character's emotions or making a prediction as to what a key character might do next. This lesson explores these skills further. Watch the video and then attempt the activity at the end. 




2. Maths 

Lesson 1: Comparing volume



Lesson 2: Measuring capacity



Lesson 3: Measuring capacity



Lesson 4: Comparing capacity



Lesson 5: Adding and subtracting capacity


3. Spellings 

This week we are looking at words with the prefix sub- and words which include 'super' at their start.

Lesson 1: Words to learn.

Here are some words to practise for the week.








Have a go at look, cover, say, write and check with these words. Did you get them right? 

Lesson 2: Write it in a sentence

Using the words that you were looking at yesterday, have a go at writing these words in a sentence. It can be a silly or a sensible sentence.

For an extra challenge, can you write two of the words into one sentence? 

Lesson 3: Scribble spellings

Using the words that you are learning this week, fill in the scribble spellings sheet saved below with all of your spellings or create your own spelling scribble. Remember that you can do this with a variety of different colours to make it more exciting.

Lesson 4: Handwriting spelling practise

Download the handwriting spelling sheet from the bottom of this page and practice your spellings.

Lesson 5: Writing a short story.

Have a go at using the words of the week to write a short story. You need to include all 6 words. Your story could be about anything you would like!


4.  Topic: Art

Watch the video and complete the activity. 


This continues on from last week’s learning. You will need the surfaces you created last week. If you don’t have the surfaces, watch the video below to create them.  




5.  Topic: Geography of the UK

Watch the video and complete the activity