Y4 Learning This Week

Please find below the learning for the week commencing 19th April 2021.

If you are isolating at home this week, here are some activities you can have a go at. These will cover the same objectives as those children who are still in school. 


1. English – Reading Comprehension and Suspense Story
2. Maths - Operations
3. Spellings -  Adiing -ion
4. Science – Plant Classification

5. Topic - Ancient Egypt 



1. English

Lesson 1: Reading Comprehension

Harry Potter reading comprehension. Read the text then answer the comprehension questions. Think carefully about RIC questions to help you answer each question.  

Lesson 2: Suspense Writing

Today, we are going to start looking at our model text “Raiders of the Lost Tomb!” Read the first two paragraphs. Look up any words you are not sure of. Look at the words that describe the setting. Have a go at writing your own setting description of the tomb entrance. 

Lesson 3: Suspense Writing

Look at the next two paragraphs of the model text. Look up any words you are not sure of. Can you see how the speech is followed by an action? EG “This is it.  Five years of searching and we’re finally here! Let’s hope this key works,” Gruff said as he brushed the cobwebs aside to reveal a large keyhole, decaying with rust.  

This is called an extended reported clause and is used to move the action along. Have a look at the ‘Weds English’ sheet and see if you can add your own clauses. 

Lesson 4: Suspense Writing

Read the last section of the model text. Look up any words you are not sure of. Look at this section: From far away there came a noise. It sounded like a thousand flags, flapping in a storm. Something was coming. Fast. 

This section is creating suspense by suggesting something unknown is approaching and using short, punchy sentences. 

Have a look at this famous moment from Jurassic Park. Can you write your own suspense text describing the approach of the T Rex? Don’t tell the reader what is coming. Include the sounds and actions (water rippling) that give clues.  




2. Maths 

Lesson 1 - Arithmetic challenge

Complete the Among us task to test your arithmetic skills below. Which questions are incorrect? They will be your IMPOSTERS!  

The websites below will remind you of our methods for completing the different types of calculations:
Column subtraction: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zy2mn39/articles/zc78srd
Multiplication: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zb4gcqt
Multiplying 3 numbers together: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/articles/zr9xqfrLesson 1: 

Lesson 2: Column addition and subtraction recap

Today, we are looking at the column method and reminding ourselves of the important steps to do it successfully. Follow this link to remind yourself of the method. Then have a go at lesson 2 worksheet. 

Lesson 3: Multiplication using the grid method

Watch this video to remind yourself of the method. Remember to partition your larger number accurately when placing it inside the grid. Have a go at lesson 3 worksheet.  

Lesson 4: Recap of division bus stop method. 

Watch this video to remind yourself of the method and tehn complete the attached sheet. 

Lesson 5:Revision

Today’s lesson is an opportunity to revise all of the operations and our written methods. Complete the sheet below and use the videos from earlier in the week for a reminder if you get stuck. 



3. Spellings – Adding -ion

Lesson 1: Adding -ion

Can you write down any words using this suffix? 

Have a go at writing some -ion words in a sentence.

Lesson 2: Spellings practice: Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check

Here are your spellings for the week: 










Download the Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check sheet from the bottom of this page to practice your spellings.

Lesson 3: Handwriting spelling practice

Download the handwriting spelling sheet from the bottom of this page and practise your spellings.

Lesson 4: Find the definition
Use a dictionary or the Oxford English dictionary online to find out the definition of each of your spellings. Can you think of an antonym and synonym?

Lesson 5: Write it in a sentence
Have a go at putting each of your spellings into a sentence. As an extra challenge can you create a paragraph which includes all of your spellings but also makes sense?



4. Science – Plant Classification

This week in Science, we will be looking at plant classification.  

Watch this BBC video about classifying plants. Read through the science lesson slides to learn about the type of plants we’re classifying today. You can do extra research online for more information on each plant.

Then have a go at the task sheet below. There is also an example sheet to help you fill in your sheet today..  




5. Topic - Ancient Egypt 

We are starting our new topic all about Ancient Egypt!

Visit the BBC Bitesize website to learn all about Tutankhamun and how his tomb has helped archaeologists learn all about life in Ancient Egypt.  

Then look at the attached sheet of artefacts that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb. Look closely at them. What do you think they are? What do they tell us about life in Ancient Egypt?