Y5 Learning This Week



Year 5

If you are isolating at home this week, here are some activities you can try.  These will cover the same objectives as those children who are still at school.


  1. English and reading

  1. Maths  

  2. Science

  3. Vocabulary

  4. Spelling


English and reading 

Lesson 1

Today's English lesson is all about the different types of sentences that you may encounter. There are four types – can you remember what they are? Watch the video from Oak Academy and then try writing some of each of the sentence types.

To explore the four types of sentence - statement, command, exclamation and question. (thenational.academy)


Lesson 2

This lesson from Oak academy is all about complex sentences. You should have a good understanding about main and subordinate clauses and how they can be combined to form complex sentences. Watch the video and then write some complex sentences of your own.

To explore complex sentences (thenational.academy)


Lesson 3

This lesson is a follow on to yesterday’s lesson about complex sentences. Make sure that the sentences that you write today are more complex, detailed and interesting compared to yesterdays!

To explore complex sentences (thenational.academy)


Reading for pleasure

Can you think of the best book that you have ever read? You will need either a copy of it, or try to remember the story and especially the characters. This lesson is all about the characteristics of characters! What makes them who they are? What makes you who you are? You will need some paper to write down some ideas. Maybe you could even write down the characteristics of someone real such as your teacher!

To develop reading for pleasure through discussion of favourite characters (thenational.academy)




Lesson 1

In this lesson we will be learning about sequences that count up in 10s, 100s, 1000s, 10000s and 100000s. Make sure you look at which column is changing so you count on correctly.

Lesson 1 video

Worksheet lesson 1#


Lesson 2

Today is a lesson about rounding. We are looking at larger numbers today so be careful which column you look at to decide whether to round up or down. Re-watch the video if at any time you are unsure.

Lesson 2 video

Worksheet lesson 2


Lesson 3

We are looking at negative numbers today. Can you think of where negative numbers are used in the real world? In this lesson, you will look at negative numbers on a number line, deciding what numbers should go where.

Lesson 3 video

Worksheet lesson 3


Lesson 4

Do you remember learning about Roman Numerals last year? There is a prompt in your diary to remind you what the different letters stand for. Remember the rule fort 4s and 9s.  4 is ‘one before five’ (IV) and 9 is ‘one before ten’ (IX).

Lesson 4 video

Worksheet lesson 4


Lesson 5:

There are some arithmetic questions for you to complete. You don’t need to do them in the order they are on the paper but try to show any working out you need to do. If there is anything you are struggling with, talk to your teacher when you get back to school.

Arithmetic practice




Topic – Mission to Mars

Did you know that NASA have sent another mission to Mars? This is the closest planet to us that has, or had, a similar atmosphere to Earth and is the only place in our universe that scientists believe may be able to support human life in the future. Can you imagine living on another planet?

Click the link below to watch a video of the mission and find out more information about it.

Mission Overview - NASA Mars


We want you to imagine that you are the robot – Perseverance – that has been sent to Mars. Write a diary entry that people on Earth can read. Think about the five senses when you write but also include your thoughts and feelings. Maybe you will make a discovery that will change the course of history...



Vocabulary word is the week:  impede

Work your way through the vocabulary sheet and fill in the appropriate boxes for the word of the week!




Below are your spellings for the week! You can try a variety of ways to learn the words such as look, cover, write or maybe some word art. It is up to you how you learn the words but make sure that you ask someone to test you on them at home when you feel confident.

suggest, symbol, system, temperature, thorough, twelfth, variety, vegetable, vehicle, yacht