Year 1 - This Week's Core Tasks

Key Learning This Week: 13.7.20

1) Phonics

2) English

3) Maths

4) Science


1) Phonics

Lesson 1 - Letters and sounds lesson 15 ou as in cloud (Phonics lesson 1 document below)

Lesson 2 - Letters and sounds lesson 16 oy as in toy (Phonics lesson 2 document below)

Lesson 3 - Letters and sounds lesson 19 au as in author (Phonics lesson 3 document below)

Lesson 4 - Letters and sounds lesson 20 a as in apron (Phonics lesson 4 document below)

Lesson 5 - Letters and sounds lesson 21 ie as in field (Phonics lesson 5 document below)


2) English

Saint George and the Dragon, Oak Academy

Lesson 1 – Oak Academy, Saint George and the Dragon, Lesson 1, Listen to a story and answer questions.

Watch the video from 7:07 and answer the questions at the end of the video. You can tell someone the answers, you don’t need to write them down.

Lesson 2 – Oak Academy Lesson 2 – To commit a story to memory.

Watch from 6:22, and then draw a story map on a piece of paper folded to show 6 boxes like Miss Browne uses, or the worksheet (English lesson 2 document below).

Lesson 3 – Oak Academy Lesson 3 – To describe a character’s appearance.

Watch the video from 7:00 to 11:30 and draw your own dragon on a plain piece of paper. Then watch the rest of the video and label your picture to describe the appearance of your dragon using the adjectives in the video, or some of your own, e.g. yellow, scaly skin. Keep your labelled picture because you will need it for lessons 4 and 5. 

Lesson 4 – Oak Academy Lesson 4 – To describe a character’s personality.

You will need your labelled dragon picture from lesson 3. Watch the video from 8:46. Complete the sentences on the worksheet below using Miss Browne’s adjectives, and then write the beginning of your character description (English Lessons 4 and 5 document below). Remember to describe your dragon’s personality and appearance. Use the labels from your dragon picture from lesson 3 to help you but write them in sentences today, e.g. It has yellow, scaly skin.

Lesson 5 – Oak Academy Lesson 5 – To write a character description.

You will need your labelled dragon picture and character description from lessons 3 and 4. Watch the video from 5:27 and write some more sentences with Miss Browne on your worksheet from lesson 4 to describe your dragon. Then edit your work alongside Miss Browne by checking for capital letters and full stops and the start and end of sentences and to make sure you have included adjectives in your character description. Finally, read it through from the beginning to check all your sentences make sense. Well done everyone!


3) Maths

Lesson 1 – Ordering numbers - (Maths lesson 1 document below)

Lesson 2 – Recognising coins - (Maths lesson 2 document below)

Lesson 3 - Recognising notes - (Maths lesson 3 document below)

Lesson 4 - Counting in coins - (Maths lesson 4 document below)

Lesson 5 - Counting in coins (Maths lesson 5 document below)


4) Science

The 5 senses lesson - (Science lesson 1 document below)