Year 4 Regular Tasks

  If you have time here are some other activities you could be doing daily:


Independent and shared reading

Find time to read every day! (20 minutes should be about right)

If you need some new books to read, there are great lists on Love Reading for Kids that can be purchased online. Or a range of ebooks (from mystery stories to brainteasers!) that are free to access on Worldbook

Oxford Owl

You can set up a free parent account on the following site and access their eBook library as well.


Spelling Shed

You will have also been assigned spellings on our weekly activity sheet, practise these in all the different ways we do in school.

On this website you will find lots of spelling games. Can you play one a day?

ICT Games

Have a go at testing your spelling knowledge on this website. Click on the Year 3 and 4 words and try to remember the spellings that pop up.

BBC Bitesize

This website has many videos to help you learn spelling patterns and different aspects of spelling and grammar.


Maths consultant, Gareth Metcalfe, is live streaming daily maths lessons for years 3 and 4 from his website at 9am each day. Click here to find his website.  You will also find a video explaining how these sessions will work on there.


Continue to work hard on your times tables by playing TT Rockstars for 10 minutes each day.  You could also create flash cards for the times tables that you are currently learning and use them to test other members of your family.

Top Marks

This website contains a wide range of activities for maths. Look at the 7 – 11 age range and choose different categories from the menu each time.

If you fancy a challenge, try these starters of the day.

Maths Frame

Practise reading the time using these worksheets, games and videos.

The Maths Factor 

There are a wide variety of maths lessons, interactive games and printable worksheets of the Carol Vorderman Maths Factor website.  During the period of school closure, this is free to sign up to.


Go onto the website pobble365 and do a short writing task based on the picture for the day. Try to do something different each day. For example: a diary, a letter, a story starter, a set of instructions

Use this time as an opportunity to learn to type by visiting  BBC Dance Mat. This is a fun way to learn touch typing - try to do this 3 times a week for 15minutes


Joe Wicks will be doing a live workout every day called 'PE with Joe' on his Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV.

This will take place Monday to Friday and will start at 9am.