Year 5 Printables

Printable activities if you can’t get online for long:

Maths Art
Find some 2D shapes around your house and draw around them on a piece of paper. Make sure they overlap. Then colour them in. Here are some examples.

Maths Salamanders

 This week have a go at some of the coordinate activities. Remember you always go horizontally first then vertically. Challenge yourself to do coordinates in 4 quadrants.

Maths is fun!

There are lots of worksheets here that you could print out to practice your arithmetic skills.  Choose wisely!


What books are your reading at the moment? We would love to hear about them.  Why not write a review, like they do in magazines and newspapers, for the books you are reading or have read recently.  Here is a website to give you some ideas.


Here are some images to inspire you to write. You have free choice on what to write; just make sure that you check your basics as you go (punctuation, spelling, paragraphs, sentence starters).

Other thing
 Why not write a letter to you new teacher, telling them all about yourself. Include things about your family, what you like doing, music you like listening to, your favourite things to do at the weekend, your best holiday ever or anything else that comes to mind!
•    Create a comic strip about a story you have read. Lots of very famous books are rewritten as graphic novels. Why don’t you have a go?
•    Create some movie posters for films you have watched during lockdown. If you haven’t watched films, you could create an advertising poster for a TV series of programme. Remember to think about how you are going to persuade someone to watch it.
•    Create some stone art like this