Year 5 Regular Tasks

Useful links to learning you can be doing all the time:

TTRS  Over the last 2 weeks, 5EH have the fastest average time, 5SH have the highest average coins earned per person and the most number of people playing.  5SK and 5XC where are you?  Keep playing if you want this to change!
Top Marks

Famous authors

Why not listen to this website.  Each day, literacy activities are talked about and famous authors are interviewed.  On 18th May, they broadcast a programme all about the Lost Words, which we looked at right at the beginning of the year.

Creative Writing
Once Upon A Picture

Spelling Shed Please keep practicing your spellings as much as possible!

Have a look at BBC website at the Earth and Space section
Earth and Space
What can you learn? How could you present what you learn?

Creative writing

Use this website and either: choose an image and read the 100 word story starters and continue the story

Look at the Natural World section of BBC Bitesize
Natural World

Make sure you are keeping fit. The following links will take you a variety of activities to try.
10 minute shake ups
Super movers
How to teach PE
The Body Coach