Year 6 Regular Tasks

Other tasks & learning to have a go at this week

Spelling shed 
Play for 10 minutes every day.
Year 5/6 spellings 
Think about the different ways we have been learning our spellings this year. You could have a spelling bee competition with your family, squiggle and pyramid spellings or even make up your own rules for dicey spellings.

SATs boot camp

Short burst creative writing about anything that inspires you (20 minutes)
For inspiration you could use this website 
Think about which genre you could write and try and include as many features for that type as you can.
You could write any of the following:
- Diary
- Poem
- Story
- Newspaper
- Letter
- Advert
- Setting

Times table rockstars 
10 minutes a day

Maths SATs boot camp 

Work through you reading, grammar and maths home learning books.