Year 6 - This Week's Core Tasks

Key Learning this week 13.7.20:

1. Spelling & Grammar
2. English
3. Maths
4. Science


If you are unable to access the online lesson above or would like to have a go at some of these tasks on paper, you can print off activities for each lesson at the bottom of the page.  These documents are all in colour but you do not need to be able to print in colour to complete them.


1. Spelling and Grammar 
Spelling Rules
This week we would like you to create posters about the spelling rules that we have learnt over the last two years. You can choose from the following rules:
-    Endings spelt –cious or – tious
-    Words ending in –able and – ible 
-    Words ending in –ably and – ibly
-    Words with the ‘e’ sound spelt ei after c
-    Words with ‘silent’ letters (i.e. letters whose presence cannot be predicted from the pronunciation of the word)
-    Words containing the letter string ough

2. English 

Lesson 1 – Letter Writing
Today we would like you to write your letter as Lady Macbeth. Think about the tone you need to use and get across her feelings.
Here is a helpsheet to support this lesson.

Lesson 2 – Purple polishing time! Think about the following things and polish:
-    Have you kept the right tone? 
-    Clauses
-    Punctuation
-    Feelings and emotions of Lady Macbeth
Here is a helpsheet to support this lesson.

Lesson 3 and 4 – Time to look back and reflect.
We would like you to write an autobiography about your time at primary school.  Think about your favourite memories from each year, who your teachers were, friends, exciting things that have happened that year and anything else you want to include. We’ve given you a help sheet to give you sentences starters and a structure to guide you. Remember that we would LOVE to see them and show them to your past teachers so email them in to us at 
Here is a helpsheet to support this lesson.

3. Maths 

As Year 6, you are masters of the whole KS2 maths curriculum! Next year’s Year 6, 5 and 4’s need you to pass on your expertise and knowledge so we would like you to spend this week designing, making and playing an arithmetic board game. Your game needs to inform, teach, and get people to practise but be fun to do. Send us your pics in for us to see and get inspiration from 

Here is a sheet that will help you with your ideas.

4. Science  Solids, liquids and gases.

Complete this lesson on Oak Academy about dissolving.